This Ship is Sinking
This Ship is Sinking - Chad Thomas and David Fiorazo

For more Olive Tree Ministries Resources click here: Jan Markell’s two guests, Chad Thomas and David Fiorazo, remind us that we are at a crossroads. This has been a year to remember. Chad Thomas reminds his weekly prophecy ALgone audience that without God, this ship is sinking. Fiorazo suggests if the pulpits remain silent, we will lose the republic. How can we encourage one another in light of this turmoil? We use the mobile app found at

All the signs of the last days are converging at the same time. Bible Prophecy is happening right before our eyes and like birth pains, the predicted events are happening more frequently and more intently. Never, in the history throughout the world have so many forces, including economic, scientific, techno-logic, ecologic, cultural, geopolitical, moral, spiritual and religion, converged together to bring this world that's already teetering over the edge into the abyss, to a point of no return. Jesus said when you see all these signs happening, know that I am near, even at the door.

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  • leroy broun
    leroy broun

    according to 2Thes 2:1-3 and Matt 24:15, 29-31, we will see the anti-christ be revealed for we will not be gathered unto Him (Jesus) until the falling away comes first and the man of lawlessness is revealed. the 5 unprepared virgins believe Jesus is coming a lot sooner than He actually does, so the question is why do they believe that? after all they are true virgins (believers) and expect Jesus to come and rapture His bride. well, it must be due to some popular teaching of an early coming of Christ, and the earliest such teaching is the pre-trib rapture and this teaching is very widespread. christians are, and have been for 2000 years, been going thru great persecution, so a pre-trib rapture is way too late. plus, if pre-trib is true than the bible is partially false because it teaches that believers will be spared the wrath, so if you are a tribulation believer then this promise is false, therefore why should you believe any of the bible if God made a false promise? so you see pre-trib rapture and the Bible cannot both be true.

  • Linda MacIntyre
    Linda MacIntyre

    **John Hallers Prophesy Update**

  • corinna Alvarez
    corinna Alvarez

    Oh come Lord Jesus!

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith

    Not so -pretrib is false theology.

  • GALATIANS 2:20 ROMANS 6:22
    GALATIANS 2:20 ROMANS 6:22

    No rapture before the antichrist be revealed.... 2nd thessalonians 2: 1,2and 3.... READ IT AND YOU WILL SEE THAT IS VERY CLEAR.

  • Sid Kahikina
    Sid Kahikina

    Don’t close down 🤬the leftist government 🖕🏽

  • Anton Hugo
    Anton Hugo

    Hi all my fellow men. I read the King James Bible and it doesn't mention the rapture. I guess I have to just wait then to the 2nd coming of our Lord. But seeing some of you will be raptured soon, I have this problem. I lost my job due to the disease , and at 59 I have no chance of getting another job. I am taking care of my mom, who is 90. Maybe one or 2 of you guys can donate all your savings to me. Seeing you won't need it, and I will like to stock up on some tin foods, etc before the tribulation. I will thank you all personally at the 2nd Coming. Not all at the same time, just one or 2 of you. Much appreciated.

    • Absolute Boyfire
      Absolute Boyfire

      at ninety, she could drag her ass out into the woods. there's rapture for you. it is written, both in your heart, and in your mind. as a devil, she rather wants you dead. when did they make king james version, about when there were goats only..? jesus coming 2001.

  • Boží Vojak
    Boží Vojak

    I prayed in the garden at my house to the God of hosts and the Son of God. I said our God is wise and righteous and will not give us as a sacrifice before the beast (antichrist). I glorified and glorified the God of Hosts for his perfect ways. The light in the garden came to me at night. I saw a beautiful light. I couldn't move that light immobilized me. I said these words, the Lord of hosts sent his angel. I was transferred from my garden to an unknown place and I saw a vision. I saw countless golden glowing cubes as gold rose from the ground. Countless number of glowing cubes. I saw bright golden cubes gathered in parts of the sky. Those shining cubes rose from all over the world. I saw those glowing cubes leave the sky. Then I saw a terrible tribulation which was not and will not be. The whole earth was on fire and it saw me. So much so that I was afraid of seeing. I found courage in myself and told the God of Hosts how it would show me the end. I saw the whole ground on fire and the trees burned bushes grass everything was destroyed. Next I saw a white tiger with black stripes who came into the tribulation. And I knew it was the antichrist. The Son of God is a pure white lamb and there is nothing black on it. I also saw Satan come to earth when the antichrist tiger came. But I was high and Satan could not come to me. God will protect God's people. So it will take you away from the world. Where? I had another vision I would add in the evening. Our God of Hosts is real no other God will give what God of Hosts and Son of God. Idol does not say ritina does not go. The statues are silent and the pagan gods do not speak. Our God speaks and shares before it happens. I speak of the God of hosts, and Moses spoke to him.

  • Boží Vojak
    Boží Vojak

    Second Vision: I saw me preach the word of God and the gospel of Christ. Many believed, but some also mocked. And they did not believe in Jesus. I also saw many priests and people did not believe me that God is speaking through me. I also explained the Bible to them, I have no problem explaining anything. For with the own Holy Spirit the seal of the living God. I am a temple for the Spirit of God. Furthermore, it continued to happen at night. In one night, many of these mockers and false priests and those who reject the Bible and who remain deadly sin were late in one night! One night a trial came and suddenly great tribulation. I have seen many people on earth in flames and torment. And people asked why they remained in trouble. Jesus was over them and said. I warned you you laughed at my prophets. You rejected my word that I spoke in them. And now you must walk through trouble, for you were not worthy to enter into heaven by my bride. Jesus showed everyone their sins, and people understood why they remained. But the elect were taken away by the angels. I saw their angels take them off and rise with them up from the earth. Then came the great tribulation on earth and the reign of the antichrist. But when I entered heaven with the bride I saw countless people in front of the throne. We had new celestial bodies and we had white robes long. The crowd was innumerable, and the Heavenly Throne was before us. God and Jesus were on the throne. There were innumerable divine armies around God. Strong soldiers with sword lights and protected the throne. I saw Jesus' cup of blood in front of the throne. I saw a living being in him. I also saw the Virgin Mary on the heavenly throne. But God was very great, and the glory of God shone upon all heaven. He was like the bright sun he was white blue and red. He was extremely strong and beautiful. I couldn't look him in the face. I saw his figure. The elect I saw the moment they were taken to heaven as the trumpet of God sounded. And the wicked saw our Lord Jesus in a cloud. We were in front of the throne in a second and had new bodies. They wanted to change ungodly but it was too late !!! They had to go through a great tribulation. And the revelation of those who come out of great tribulation will be fulfilled. Those who trust Jesus' Son of God have forgiven and repented. They will not be in trouble. It is necessary to receive the seal of God the Holy Spirit!

  • Incurable Romanticist
    Incurable Romanticist

    Chad is amazing. I am 75, and have been listening to him for a while. He has great authority, much more than a lot of people twice his age. You guys have nailed it all! The younger people feel just as Jan said. They want the rest of their lives back. The TruthUNedited has given a reason for that. They don’t SEE the world the way the Holy Spirit in mature Christians does.To young people it looks desirable, while all we see is the degenerate state of everything. They have no comparison. What is needed is to get them to see the reality. I’ve been trying to talk to my thirty-something and forty-something children about Jesus and what I know is coming, and they say they don’t care enough to listen to doomsday theories.i wish I knew how to talk to them.

  • Christa Neethling
    Christa Neethling

    I am so blessed by your program and guests. Bless you.

  • Yeshua's Brother
    Yeshua's Brother

    Yahshua rebuked the people at His first coming for not knowing the time! Many brothers now see EXACT same time revealed in Bible. Daniel's book is unsealed! (See 2028 video below). This fall begins the final seven years, and Satan comes in the spring 2024... Yahshua comes in the fall of 2028 Israel calendar! There is NO rapture, yet the Video above, has the time perfect! The 3 1/2 year Great Tribulation start date is the same date they use as the false heresy pre-trib rapture lie. 2020 The End Begins, The Final 7 Years. YHWH Yeshua says, " A 1000 years are as one day and one day a thousand years (II Peter 3:8 & Psalms 90:4). YHWH has given mankind 6000 years, or six days to do ALL his work (Exodus 20:9). YHWH Yahshua has declared the end from the beginning, or from the seven day creation in Genesis, beginnings (Isaiah 46:10). You MUST stop and read each scripture as you go to SEE with your own eyes. The Word establishes truth, and one day is as a thousand years, and six days end in 2028. Yeshua rebuked them for not knowing the time of His first coming (Matthew 16:1-3, and Luke 12:54-56). The second coming is commanded for us to know! That day will NOT overtake us as a thief, for we will know, not only the times and the season, but also the week (1 Thessalonians 5:1 KJV). We know He comes in the fall of 2027, on the Feast of Trumpets. Only Father knows day & hour. (See Blog No One Knows The Day Or The Hour). Yeshua said, 'Destroy this temple and in three days I will rise it up (John 2:19 KJV)." Yeshua was born in 3 BC (New Year) and crucified, died, and resurrected in 30 CE. From 30 CE adding two days (II Peter 3:8 & Psalms 90:4), or 2000 years (minus His 70 week ministry), is 2028. Hosea 6:1-2 states, " Come, and let us return unto the LORD: for he hath torn, and he will heal us; he hath smitten, and he will bind us up. After two days (2000 years) will he revive us, in the third day (from Yeshua's death & resurrection), he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight." The morning of the 3rd millennium (3rd day) from Yeshua Messiah, and the morning of the seventh day (millennium) from Adam, is the millennial reign of Yeshua Messiah, and begins in 2028, Israel Calendar Feast of Trumpets! Father did all His work in the six days of creation, He finished all His work and rested on the seventh day. When Yeshua returns in 2028, Israel calendar Feast of Trumpets (which is the fall of 2027 our calendar), it will be the morning of the third day (the end of 2000 years since His death and resurrection, minus Yeshua's 70 week ministry), and It will also be the morning of the seventh day (the end of 6000 years) from Adam (See Exodus 20:9 & 19:11 & 15), and the 1000 year reign of Messiah begins! 2028 Israel time (The fall of 2027 our calendar), is the second coming of Yeshua Messiah. It is also the first day of the seventh millennium since Adam. The 1000 year reign of Messiah will begin! However, Satan comes first. There is NO rapture. The scripture is crystal clear in II Thessalonians 2:3. Yeshua will not come, "Until there be first a falling away (as described in Revelation 12), and (and is a conjunction, so it is in conjunction with the falling away ), that man of sin, the son of perdition be revealed." (See False Rapture Heresy Lie Blog at top of page) Now you know what hinders and withholds or holds back. Satan has not fallen from heaven to earth yet. He is the accuser of the brethren day and night, until he is thrown out of heaven (Revelation 12). Revelation 13 tells how wroth or angry he is, knowing he only has only a short time, 3 1/2 years, or times, time, and a half time. This scripture is clear, end of story... period. Yeshua Messiah can not, nor will not come, until after Satan fulfills his times, time and half a time (forty two months). Until he (Satan) be taken (taken means to become generate into being) out of the way (way is the middle). Revelation 12! So 2020, Father's perfect vision, begins the final seven years. All of a sudden comes the Crown virus out of the blue, but not out of the blue to YHWH Yahshua. Yahweh has corralled up the peoples of the earth. He has slowed down all mankind and taken them away from the rat race, and back to their family (sanity). Isaiah 20:26 states, " Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be over past." He is giving all, one last call, to turn away from our miserable selfish life to Him. We are on lock down, until the Bill Gates, live DNA altering quantum dot tracking tattoo Mark of the Beast vaccine is administered to all upon the earth. The Devil gets his three and a half years before Yeshua Messiah comes. When we take Satan's 3 1/2 years from the fall of 2027 on our calendar (2028 the Jewish New Year), it is the spring of 2024. There are two variables. First, Yeshua's ministry counts into Daniels final 70th week. Yeshua's ministry was a 70 week ministry not three and a half years, as falsely taught. Secondly, Father declares, He will shorten those days for the elects sake (Matthew 24:22 KJV). Therefore, the spring 2024 Satan arrives. About the same time, the live DNA altering tattoo, quantum dot tracking, "Mark of the Beast" vaccine is administered to the entire globe. This fall, 2020, begins the final seven years! Daniels prophecy does NOT say in the Hebrew, "And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week." The Hebrew rather says it will TAKE 7 YEARS to confirm the covenant. Interestingly, Trumps, Deal of the Century, was introduced in the spring of 2017 and will be made in 2024. If... we knew there was a seven year peace treaty, then we would know the half way point right? Then why does Father say over and over again in scripture, "When you see the abomination that causes desolation standing in the holy place, FLEE to the mountains and don't look back. If you are on your house top do not go back into your house to grab anything! If you are in the field don't go back to get clothes.. just FLEE (Matthew 24:15-16, Mark 13:14, paraphrased)!" Obviously these scriptures show us, we will not know about a 7 year Peace Treaty. If there is, it has to be the fall of 2020. Not to mention the two 'Great American Eclipses' of 2017 and the next on April 8th 2024. This is THE SECOND COMING OF YESHUA MESSIAH is upon us! The NWO (Satan's army), is employing 5 G in all big cities. They have also delivered over 250,000 satellites into space all very recently. They are taking down the USA before our eyes, the last piece to their plan. The battle of the ages between YHWH Yeshua and Satan is about to begin! There will be chaos and tragedies between now and spring 2024. Satan will heal a very broken earth when he gets here, and the nations will run after him. The Great 3 1/2 Year Tribulation is 38 months away, SAITH YHWH Yahshua! Jeremiah 29:12 is the answer and only hope to your life. Saith Yeshua Messiah Yahweh!

  • Terry Britton
    Terry Britton

    An author named Carol Balizet said this in the 1970s (Yes, way back in the 70s)"This world is a sinking ship. It is not our job as Christians to patch up the holes. It is our job to get the crew off safely". You will never change or fix the world without Jesus no matter how many times you rearrange the blocks. He is coming soon. Get ready!

  • cape of faith
    cape of faith

    I love your intro. It felt like I was flying in the clouds!

  • John Hagen
    John Hagen

    The rapture is a false doctrine that started in the 1800s. It is the great deception that will lead most christians to take the mark of the beast because they are too proud to believe they will be here for it. I suppose you could say they will be raptured away from the body of christ to eternal damnation.

  • Beverly Robertson
    Beverly Robertson


  • Minecraft Gaming
    Minecraft Gaming

    Chad is one favorite watchman he has such passion its contaigous!!!Love all the others no offence!!!

  • Dan Vincent
    Dan Vincent

    federal judge just ruled it is unlawful to lock down the people , its on the internet counter sue the state

  • Jesse Teng
    Jesse Teng

    i beg to disagree. The Antichrist will be REVEALED PRIOR to the pre-trib rapture because of 2 Thess. 2:3; And this is not in conflict with @ Thess 2:7,8 because it is ACTUALLY the Holy Spirit ALONE that restrains/allows the Antichrist's coming out WITH or WITHOUT us. Proof? Look at the many times in history when God chose to stand aside and let evil men run loose: Antiochus Epiphanes, destruction of Jerusalem and the temple by the Romans, The Catholic inquisition, Hitler and the holocaust, Obama's 2 terms, same-sex marriage, protests, BLM, abortions, etc. ALL that is proof that God CAN stand aside to let evil do damage DESPITE the presence of the Holy Spirit in believers! Same with the Antichrist. The 7-year peace deal signing will be publicized days before the ACTUAL signing date and we will recognize him by that.

  • Darlene Vickers
    Darlene Vickers

    Wonderful program, both speakers offered startling truth and much needed encouragement for these times. Jan always addresses the pertinent issues and gives biblical insights. Love the program!

  • Lori Degre
    Lori Degre

    Jesus is at the door🙌💗🙌 Come Lord Jesus Come🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🙌🙌💗🙌🙌 God bless everyone 🙌

  • The Saint
    The Saint

    Jesus Christ is coming soon y’all please pray and repent and get right!

  • A Man
    A Man


  • ashthe bash
    ashthe bash

    The unfortunate thing is that be they left or right or indifferent they are all one force, a Satanic force from the roots up, brought in by a Trojan horse into all western societies around the world, young men and women of fighting age who use children as human shields, in order to get in and infiltrate us all on every level, to vote is to further the Agenda of those that are satanic by nature, and employ the foot soldiers of Satan to do his bidding, Covid 19 and other distractions only clears the path for the unrighteous of GOD towards Armageddon, through so called peace and safety guise’s. The time is near and we who are all in the grasp of this tyranny know where this is all leading to, and we know that it’s inevitable. choosing who’s side that your going to be on is now about to pass, Jesus is the truth, the life and the way, darkness will come as sure as Winter, but please remember that there will always be another Spring. A rebirth towards a oneness never to be repeated for eternity, see that you are not troubled for these things must come to pass, fear is fear itself, death has always been inevitable for us all, but energy never truly dies, so be strong in the energy of Christ always!

  • John Sebesta
    John Sebesta

    I do feel you are absolutely correct when referring to the pre-tribulation. The ship is indeed sinking and you are also correct that Timothy definitely records accurately the type of people that will be today. Although I am not a date setter but with all that is going on, the rapture could easily occur during the Feast of Trumpets 2021. My own testimony is on ALgone called Rapture Apocalypse testimony 2018

  • Jane Anderson
    Jane Anderson

    Love your show!🙇 I do have 1 question for you. Do I need to be baptized to go to our Heavenly Father and our Lord? Thank you and God Bless

  • ashthe bash
    ashthe bash

    Together you stand in Christ or divided you shall surely fall.

  • Neamiah Jude
    Neamiah Jude

    Remember the four 🐎 🐎 🐎🐎 horsemen of the Apocalypse in Revelation chapter 6. The first horseman is given a crown to start it all off. A CROWN in Latin and Spanish is CORONA 😷 Super Sophisticated Computer Program Diagnostic Sequence Search>>> It is written in the #1 selling book in all of world history: >>> +Jesus said in the Gospels that when the Fig tree and other trees return, that generation will not pass away before it all goes down. The Fig tree is Israel and the other trees returned after WWII. Lebanon is cedar etc. A generation according to Psalm 90 is "70-80 years and then we fly away". +Jesus returns in 2000 years according to Hosea 6:2 in the Bible!!! Jesus Ascended under His Own Power in 32 AD, so just add 2000!!! (2Peter 3:8)(Psalm 90:4) This takes us to 2032! Then subtract 7 years for The Great Tribulation & perhaps also a 3 year gap, and that brings us to 2022 or sooner!!! +Count the generations! > From Adam & Eve to Abraham = 2000 years. From Abraham to Jesus = 2000 years. From Jesus to now = 2000 years! God created the world in six days, on the Seventh day He rested. A day is a thousand years. (Psalm 90,2 Peter 3:8) This means that the Rapture & Wedding Feast of The Lamb (The Greatest Adventure in the History of Believing Mankind is about to begin!!!), then Great Tribulation followed by The Thousand Year Reign of Jesus The Christ is NEXT!!! MARANATHA LORD JESUS!!! COME QUICKLY LORD JESUS, YESHUA!!! COMPUTER GENERATED PROOFS SUMMARIZATION: >>> >>> >>> >>> No other explanation! 777 Astronomical chance statistics! Donald John TRUMP was 7 Decades, 7 Months, 7 Days old on his 1st Full Day in the White House 2017, and it just turned to Hebrew Year 5777 and on Trump's Election day, Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel was in office 7 Years 7 Months, 7 Days. Trump won by 77 electoral votes. Trump was born 700 days before Israel was reborn on May 14th 1948. Trump attacked Syria 77 days into his term, was the 777th richest man in the world according to Forbes magazine on his 77th week in office & Putin shook Trump's hand for the first time on 7/7/17 when Putin just happened to be 777 months old. Trump moved the United States Embassy to JerUSAlem on the 70th anniversary of Israel being, reborn as a nation, which in itself was predicted in detail in Holy Scripture. TRUMP was born on a Sabbath during an eclipse AND the Hebrew reading around the world that day was "The making of the Trump"!!! Trump-Pence sounds like "Trumpet" The "TRUMP" of GOD and "At The Last Trump" is Found in Verses >1 Thes 4:17 and 1 Cor 15:52 . Don't SCOFF! This is a Modus Operandi!!! >>> METHUSELAH who was the oldest ever Man, 969 years (Adam lived to 930 and as God warned did die on the day he ate of the forbidden fruit, keeping in mind that Adam not only died spiritually but that to the Lord a day is a thousand years (2Peter 3:8) (Psalm 90) etc. Adam did not make it to 1000) METHuselah means "His Death will usher in the judgement- The Great Flood"! (Enoch who walked with God and into Heaven with God named Methuselah and obviously he would know how to name his grandson) Noah and his Family Buried METHuselah One Week Before the rain began to fall. The ark was closed up for a period of one week to mourn Methuselah's death and then the rains began to fall. Trump fits precisely into the Judah Ben Samuel (1200's) Precise Jubilee countdown to the RAPTURE prophecies in which the trumpet is blown on the Jubilee. In the Six Day War the Jew who blew the Shofar or Trump was precisely 50 years old and his name in Hebrew meant Trump!!! Exactly 50 years later Trump is the first to recognize the Six Day War Jerusalem victory, in the world. Judah Ben Samuel prayed all the time and it is said that he spoke with Elijah the Prophet (Elijah was raptured and went up in a flaming chariot) in prayer in the 1200's. I believe this is absolutely true since he was 100% accurate in all his predictions until the End of This Age. Check it out, Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel said that in 1217 that the muslim turks would take Jerusalem in six Jubilees or 300 years and that was right on the money as they took Jerusalem in 1517. Judah Ben Samuel also said that the muslim turks would hold Jerusalem for a period of eight jubilees or 400 years, and that is even more on the money, spot on, as General Allenby got off his horse in honor of his savior Jesus Christ and walked into Jerusalem, conquering it on the first day of Hanukkah in 1917. Judah Ben Samuel predicted that the next jubilee Jerusalem would be a No Man's Land, and it was even called that by the United Nations. SO, EXACTLY 1 jubilee later or 50 years the Jews took back Jerusalem in the SIX DAY WAR for the first time in more than two thousand years, as the Romans controlled Jerusalem 2000 years ago at the time of Christ! Judah Ben Samuel predicted that the Rapture and End of the Age would happen shortly after the next jubilee and this is PRECISELY where TRUMP is the first one to recognize Jerusalem in all the world since the other guy Goren (Trump or Horn) blew the shofar at the wailing wall one Jubilee earlier in 1967 at the culmination of the "SIX DAY WAR" ( Clue in this name! We are at the end of the Sixth Day and about to start the Seventh Day or 1000 year reign of Jesus the Christ! Hitler & Satan tried to copy this reign, stating that the Third Reich would last a thousand years!) and Goren was EXACTLY 50 years old when he blew the shofar and was born when General Allenby took Jerusalem for the British Empire in 1917. Too AMAZING!!! Other miracles of God apply here as Allenby in Arabic sounds like "Allah En Neby" meaning "Prophet of God". The muslims said in 1967 that they would never leave Jerusalem and gladly fight to the last drop of their blood and happily die there. Yet when they saw Allenby's pilots flying biplanes (Sopwith Camels) which Allenby had brought down from England to Egypt and instructed his pilots to fly on ahead of his troops dropping leaflets for a final warning to the muslims. When they read the leaflets final warning to leave or else, signed by Allenby, the muslims mistook Allenby's name for Allah en Neby, and also had mostly never seen planes before, so they all fled without a shot being fired. The Bible in Isaiah written over 2700 years ago says that "Men will fly as birds over the city of Jerusalem to defend it" Wow! To continue on Trump, seven months after Trump's inauguration the ApocEclipse went down, repeating a 1776 occurrence, touching U.S. soil at the precise moment of sunset in JerUSAlem, touching the 33rd state on the 33rd parallel on the 233rd day of the year, and 33 days from September 23rd 2017, a once in 7000 years Revelation 12:1-8 sign, verified by Stellarium computer. These verses in Revelation 12:1-5 describe an exact positioning of the Sun, the Moon, the stars, wandering planets. This ApocEclipse touched seven cities of salem AND Seven years to the future from August 21, 2017 is another ApocEclipse which will create a TAV or + Cross over the United States!!! The Gematria value of Tav is 400 which just happens to be the Exact number for the Sun and Moon relationship, being that the Sun is 400 times farther away than the Moon AND 400 times bigger. Earth is the ONLY place known in the Universe that has a perfect eclipse in which the Corona of the Sun is visible, essential for various kinds of scientific research. This is just a very tiny tip of the information iceberg. Recent Intelligence Research: Saint Malachy predicted accurately 112 popes from his time until today. We are now at the last pope of his predictions. To dial for an emergency in Rome, one dials 112 not 911, just like the prophecy. "Saint Paul's Basilica (Where Saint Paul was beheaded and buried, Saint Peter was crucified upside down & buried under Saint Peter's Basilica- even Constantine wrote about this) Saint Paul's Outside the Walls" of the Vatican has a virtual tour on the Vatican website. This very long Basilica has two rows on each side of large Papal portrait medallions beginning with Saint Peter until the very last space available for Pope Francis which will be the very last one to go up on the walls, as there is no more room!!! Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel predicted everything about Jerusalem in detail from the 1200's and he was extremely accurate. We are at his final jubilee ushering in Revelation. BE RAPTURE READY!!! If you are not ready and miss the rapture, Jesus warns that this will be the worst time that ever was or will be!!! The Great Tribulation!!! This was never possible until now! One EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) from the Sun or nuclear weapons would instantly put all those left behind on Earth in the Tribulation, with no cell phones no electricity, no vehicles for transportation, no food no water, etc. INSTANT RIOTS, LOOTING, MURDER, RAPE, MAYHEM!!! THE MARK OF THE BEAST TECHNOLOGY, PREDICTED 2000 YEARS AGO, IS ONLY, FOR THE FIRST TIME READY NOW!!! THE MARK OF THE BEAST TECHNOLOGY WAS PREDICTED IN REVELATION IN THE BIBLE NEARLY 2000 YEARS AGO! NEVER UNTIL NOW CAN THEY PLANT A CHIP IN THE HAND OR FOREHEAD IN WHICH NO ONE COULD BUY OR SELL WITHOUT THIS MARK! NEVER BEFORE COULD THOSE WHO ACCEPT THE MARK BE DAMNED FOR ETERNITY UNTIL NOW, AS CHIP TECHNOLOGY CAN NOW INTERFACE WITH ELECTRONIC IMPULSES FROM THE BRAIN AND ACTUALLY CONTROL IN PART HOW AN INDIVIDUAL CAN THINK AND BELIEVE. (See brain operations where areas of the brain have been painstakingly mapped out for functionality.) SO ACCEPT JESUS NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. AFTER THE RAPTURE ONE WILL HAVE TO BE BEHEADED TO GET INTO HEAVEN SINCE THEY WILL HAVE TO REFUSE THE DAMNABLE MARK AND HENCE BE KILLED AS THAT WILL BE THE PENALTY FOR REFUSING THE MARK OF THE BEAST. Jesus says "Pray that you EKPHUEGO (means escape, being taken out of time and place) these things coming upon the world... for they will be the worst time that ever was or ever will be!"

  • Giulo Figlio
    Giulo Figlio

    The only thing that this election will decide is the support or not of zionism but none of the cadidates is willing to fix this country. So I will trust in JESUS only.


      What rock have you been under?

  • salvation zone
    salvation zone

    The best way I've found to show people that Jesus loves us and to warn people that he's real is to show em the 100% accuracy of prophecy in the bible since Israeli sovereignty in 1948. Here's a list of prophecies occurring in our day that shows how close we are to the rapture. Bible says that when all these things begin to happen more frequently once Israel becomes a nation again, with greater intensity and at the same time worldwide, then the end will come. I have 60+ but only room here to post 38. 1 -Israel-No nation's ever come back to be a nation again after being dispersed throughout the world over a 2000 year period, called the Diaspora and yet were able to remain a distinct people. The Bible says that Israel would come back to be a nation in 1 day. Israel was born literally in 1 day. May 13, 1948 she wasn’t a nation, as the clock struck midnight on May 14th she was. A NATION BORN IN 1 DAY Isaiah66:8. 2 -Earthquakes: Happening in divers places in the world, 5+ to 6. 0 or higher and growing. Matt24:7, Mark13:8, Luke21:11, Isaiah24:20. 3 -Massive animal die offs. Use the following link to see the unbelievable numbers of animal deaths occurring around the world. Hosea4:3, Zeph1:2-3."" 4 -Blood, fire and vapor of smoke: Fires, Volcano's increasing in the world: Acts2:19 5 -Mark of the beast: Cashless society tech-No other time in history could this be possible. Bible speaks of a MARK that the antichrist will cause ALL to receive IN their hand or forehead in order to buy or sell. Even a few decades ago there was no such thing. Possible candidates could be: RFID implants, fingerprint scans, retinal scans, DNA upgrade or testing in some way, facial recognition scans or some type of vaccine. The mark may include within its matrix, recombinant DNA; think what made spiderman and you’ll kind of understand, through a real technology known today as "Crisper CAS 9." Recombinant DNA/RNA can actually alter the recipient at the genetic level and change them into something other than pure human. Those that accept the mark, the Bible says, will not be redeemable; they will have given up even the possibility of being saved and will be guaranteed to go to hell. If someone doesn’t go to heaven in the rapture and they’re left behind to endure the tribulation they can still find salvation by accepting Jesus but not if they take the mark, so by no means, even to the point of death, DO NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST, because it will lead to eternal damnation if they do. Rev13:16, Rev14:9-12. C.O.V.I.D - 19 : = Certificate of Vaccination ID-19, Quantum Dot Tattoo = a way of tracking 6 -3rd temple in Jerusalem is prophesied to exist once again and all the plans and temple implements are ready when the time is right, and very soon.-Priesthood re-established and high priest has been chosen. Israel hasn’t had a High Priest for 2000 years and now within the last year or so they have appointed one. Rev11:1 7 -Damascus: This city is the oldest continuously populated city in the world. It has NEVER been without people living in it, EVER, until today. It is prophesied that some day it will become a ruinous heap and cease to be a city. Isaiah17 8 -Land of Israel will blossom: Today Israel’s a major exporter of fresh produce to Europe and the world. Before Israel was re-united to her land the area was a desolate wasteland. Isaiah27:6, 35:1 9 -200 million man army of the east: Possible today because of the one child policy and lack of females, due to abortion, so there is a massive glut of single men that join the military. Rev-9:16 10 -The Euphrates river is drying up and can be dried up quicker with the Aswan Dam to allow the 200 million man eastern army to pass through. Rev16:12 11 -This gospel will be preached to the whole world: The Bible has been translated into more languages than any other book in history. Only now through the internet, TV, radio, ALgone, Facebook and the like ALL people in the world have access to the Bible. God is preserving and spreading his word to the farthest reaches of this world and then the end will come. 12 -HOLY LANGUAGE REVIVED IN ISRAEL: Even during Jesus’s day hebrew wasn’t spoken, only the priest's used hebrew for temple rituals. The common tongue of Jesus's day was aramaic. Only now in our day, after Israel became a nation again in 1948 do the jews speak hebrew as their common tongue just like the bible said would happen. Zephaniah3:9 13 -Unification church:World wide movement which teaches that all roads lead to heaven which is a lie. Only faith in Jesus and his finished work on the cross will save. Rev13 14 -One world government: The organizations that could facilitate the formation of this one world scenario could come through the auspices of the UN, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, IMF, GATT, World Bank, World Council of Churches, WTO, Club of Rome, WHO, Fabian Society, Illuminati and trade unions. Rev13 15 -Signs in the sun: large solar flares and eclipses Rev16:9 16 -Signs in the moon: blood mood tetrads and eclipses in history aligning with Israel festivals or moed's in some way. Luke21:25 17 -Signs in the stars: major fulfillment of “A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.“ This solar alignment never happened before in history until Sept 23, 2017 Rev12:1 18 -Pestilences in divers places:AIDS, MERS, Zika, Hanta virus, dengue, West Nile, cholera, yellow fever, Ebola, SARS, TB, Polio, Leprosy, Mersa, STD’s, plague, small pox, Malaria, drug-resistant strains of many old diseases, Covid-19, locusts just to name a few. Luke21:11 19 -Thee entitlement society-Lovers of self generation. Pride 20 -Seas/waves roaring:Tsunami’s, hurricanes, tornadoes. Matt21:25 21 -Famines on the increase around the world and even worse during the coming tribulation 22 -Kingdom against kingdom: hatred of religious people groups or ethnicities or political groups coming against each other. 23 -The invention of the nuclear bomb. Ezekiel39:15, Rev6:14 24 -Wars and rumors of wars: North Korea, China, Iran, Russia... 25 -Fearful sights in the heavens: or what is possibly on its way that NASA isn't telling us about. Planet X system, Nibiru, Nemesis and the ones the bible say will strike the Earth such as Wormwood. Rev 6:12-14 26 -Gog and MaGog: Russia, Iran and Turkey is a coalition that has never happened before that the bible says will come together in the last days and the bible also says they will come against Israel some day to take a spoil or great booty. Ezekiel38-39 27 -The Church of Laodicea: We have churches today that are ordaining priests and pastors who live life styles that are contrary to what the bible teaches on marriage, that teach wealth and success are the end game in this life, that support and actually condone abortion, that have services along side muslims calling our God the same as theirs, that call good evil and evil good by supporting a certain political group, that as a platform, are totally against the foundational understanding of what it means to be a believer in Christ and that deny the physical resurrection of Jesus and that he is merely a created being. Rev 3:15-22 28 -Strong delusion-Evolution: A lie that we are just an accident and not created by a loving God. Psalm139:13-14- Aliens: A possible way that satan plans to explain away the rapture. Everyone’s heard the phrase "beam me up scotty," from the famous Star Trek TV show. Aliens could possibly be used as an excuse to show that christians were beamed away to cleans the world so that a brave new world can be created without God. 2Thess2:11​ 29 -The Two state solution: The UN and the Palestinian Authority are trying to divide up the land that God gave to Israel, specifically Jerusalem. The deal of the Century could be the forerunner for just such a scenario that the bible says the Antichrist will one day confirm or make stronger in some way starting off the 7 year tribulation. 1Thess5:3 30 -Knowledge increased: Not long ago knowledge would double every 13 months or so and is increasing exponentially. Scientist have said that by 2020 it could easily double every 12 hours, Daniel12:4​, and yet God calls mans wisdom foolishness Romans1:22,1Cor3:19, 1Cor1:18, 23-25, 1Cor2:14, 31 -The attack on the Bible: No other book in history has been more ridiculed and attacked and burned or banned than the Bible, and yet it has the audacity to endure against all odds. If this is truly the words of God to mankind, then men, no matter how hard they try, will ever be able to eradicate it because God will not allow it. Kings and governments and tyrants have tried, to no avail. It will never happen. Matt5:18. 32 -Calling His people back to Israel: AlIyah is happening at an increased rate like never before because of antisemitism that is on the rise in the US and the world. Ezekiel34:12 33 -Peace and safety or peace and security:This is the exact mantra you hear that is prophesied in the bible that politicians use today who think they will be the ones to champion a peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians. 1Thess5:3 34 -Sorceries: BIG PHARMA: Latin (pharmacia), from Greek (pharmakeia) "use of drugs, medicines, chemicals in our food and water…preparer of drugs, poisoner…Rev9:21. 35 -Life is returning to dead sea. Never happened before until very recently. Zechariah14:8. In the last days blessing will return to the sea of Galilee. Isaiah9:1 36 -The invention of TV and the internet. Rev 1:7, Rev11:9 37 -Violence and lawlessness will begin to greatly increase parallel to these other signs. 38 -Israel a strong military power: And I will make her that halted a remnant, and her that was cast far off a strong nation: and the LORD shall reign over them in mount Zion from henceforth, even for ever. Micah 4:7

  • Joseph Riggs
    Joseph Riggs

    If this ship is sinking,than why bother putting another coat of paint on a sinking ship? Why bother trying to change things through politics,trying to get legislation and laws changed,electing the right president,or trashing "the left",supporting Israel,etc.-when after your raptured-it's all going to crap in the end? It seems like you guys would be overjoyed if America would be turned into a Christian theocracy.You may say that out of one side of your mouth,but then out of the other side-say how you are going to be raptured off this planet any second now-and the world that's left behind will go to Hell in a handbasket! Your message seems incensure and confusing.I don't know why I bother posting this stuff.It seems that no one wants to bother replying to things that don't already agree with their pre-concluded answers.It's like your all in this "bless me club"or"pat on the back club." You don't want your world disturbed by any ALgone/internet "outsiders.(Mark 11-12)

  • Iris Pedro
    Iris Pedro

    I copied and pasted Revelations 20:4 straight from KJV to let people know where to find that this man is twisting the Lord's words. I'm not one of the mad one's... Only trying to help people know where to find the truth in the bible so you can prepare mentally or you will be one of the one's cursing God while dealing with the evil around you.

  • Iris Pedro
    Iris Pedro

    Proof the rapture does not happen before.. Rev 20:4 I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. 5But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.

    • Absolute Boyfire
      Absolute Boyfire

      1981. 2001, jesus was back, and about then, you knew it was left behind here. 2008, heaven was closed. the revelation verses..


      Thank you!

  • bechicura100

    This ship is sinking....and so is Captain Trump

  • Mary Salazar
    Mary Salazar

    “Come Lord Jesus “..Revolution 22:12-13 And, behold, I come quickly;and my reward is with me, to every man according as his work shall be. I Am Alpha and Omega, The beginning and the End, The First and the Last. 20, Surely I come quickly. Amén

  • I'm Saved
    I'm Saved

    These pastors who don't preach all the bible have to be in on the NWO or something. Seems the Satanists have infertrated the churches for the money. I found it interesting when the secular movie producers do a rapture movie that they have the pastors of the churches in the movie stay behind, left behind to go through the tribulation. Why is that? I find that quite interesting.

  • Mary Volio
    Mary Volio

    I'm 62. In all the years that I've voted, I always voted for whom I perceived to be the lesser of two evils. I no longer vote for any evil.

  • chill reactor t.v.
    chill reactor t.v.

    i had to comment cause your title relates to a dream i had the other day where i was with this group of people, mixed with kids and adults and we were all headed towards this giant ship that had this big house on it with a bunch of ship containers on the ship as well. as i was walking with the group everyone had a set of tools with them staple guns, cloth, pieces of wood and as im walking towards the giant ship i walk past this blue marker that says portal on it and as i look back up towards the ship it was almost like in the movies when they zoom the camera out from a giant object to see the whole object and the ship i saw in my dream was huge bigger then any other ship i have ever seen. and then the next night i had this dream where my uncle was talking about the rapture and how we need to prepare and i was telling my brother and family about it as well and as i open this folder in my dream, this giant bible which had the words the new testament on it fell out. then i woke up. Jesus is on his way and we must all be prepared.

  • charlotte sokol
    charlotte sokol

    Amen!!!! Thank you 🙏

  • Phosphorus

    It's very difficult. We live in worldwide narcissistic culture. Narcissists detest reality, and give into fantasy, magical and self-absorbed thinking. Trying to persuade or convince narcissists and extremely selfish individuals who are oftentimes almost always control freaks themselves that they are not running the show or it's not all about them is an onerous task. This was a great discussion, however, I still get the impression that people have for so long and at almost every age now bought into their own delusions due to their obsessiveness of fixed ideas. And looking at social media addiction, alcohol and drug addiction, our entire societies are so narcissistically inclined I'm not sure what it would take to break them out of this delusion.

    • Iris Pedro
      Iris Pedro

      Phosphorus SO SO SO TRUE! These narcissistic are the devils children. They stay trying to destroy you that you have to keep your distance. All we can do is pray for them from a far.

  • Sylvia Dizon
    Sylvia Dizon

    Son of Satan JK

  • John Mark
    John Mark

    I do agree, and it is very confusing to hear folks saying the world is fine and America will come back from this CON-vid scam-demic soon, and I just can't help but laugh out loud. My Bible leaves no room for guessing as to the time we live in today, as well as what comes next. Things are not fine and things will never go back to the way it used to be. This was not an organic happening under normal circumstances, it has been planned and carried out with a goal. There is no doubt about this truth, friends. Filling the populace with fear makes us all easier to control, they believe, and they believe this from decades of study and research using fear-based trauma. It seems clear to me that the end goal is the same as it was prediluvian, the genetic modification of YHWH' creation and His creation of humanity. I have never been on the side of the vaccinations after I took the time to research the facts with the readily available data that prove them unsafe and ineffective at best, harmful and deadly in MANY cases. The coming series of genetics modifying "vaccinations" are even different from the previous and there can be no illusions of safety, because it is untested and of a completely new technology for men of today, using CRISPR and CAS9 we will ALL be changed from the creation that YHWH intended! Brothers and sisters in Christ, this is the precursor to the mark of the beast system. There is no doubt that if this is not it, it is certainly the lead in for it! Also, who is willing to take medical advice from Bill Gates, a proven eugenicist and despiser of humanity? NO Masks! NO Testing!! NO Vaccinations!!! I urge anyone that does not know Yeshua as Savior to find Him now, because time is short and probation will be closing soon!

    • Bronco 95
      Bronco 95

      I appreciate your perseverance. My friend, start at with the biblical history. ("The Story") The Garden., The Flood, The Resurrection. This world belongs to Lucifer from the beginning in Eden, and Jesus came to save us right? (from this fallen world) Holy Father will not abandon us. No debate. Jesus loves us. Is that enough reason for Jesus to return? Save us? We are the aliens in scripture needing saved, correct? And no "ai/5G vac" for me either. We live by the moment with Jesus. Prepare for the worst, and prepare to meet Jesus our Savior personally.

  • Absolute Boyfire
    Absolute Boyfire

    smoke to heaven

  • Apostles Doctrine Ministries
    Apostles Doctrine Ministries

    Wow! The information from this video was so on point, that I had to share it with people I know and family members who need the salvation of Jesus Christ 👍🏿

  • sandro SARDE
    sandro SARDE

    Gathering after Antichrist revealed read 2 Thes 3

    • dooglitas

      Not what it says.

  • bobi7 tanevski
    bobi7 tanevski

    Revelation 19 : 7-8 , LORD JESUS is Coming back on Earth 🌍 with us (Second coming) ! We are JESUS bride 👰 !

  • Nadene Knowles
    Nadene Knowles

    Absolutely fantastic 🙏


    keep it up all you are saying is so important and needs to be said ...

  • J W
    J W

    There is a Pre-Rapture, not Mid and not a Post. But a Pre-Rapture. You can only trust God, not human beings.


      Take heed that no man deceives you by ANY means for that day SHALL NOT come until there come a falling away (APOSTASIA) first and the man of sin be revealed. Smh

  • Gareth Guyler
    Gareth Guyler

    Hi All, firstly sorry my comments are never short. With regards the rapture of the people of the Lord who trust in Him through the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins. Let me say that I do believe in the pre trib rapture and that it can happen at any time. However I do believe the Lord laid this on my heart, you see like a lot of you out there I am sick to the core of this earth and all the sin, on top of that I have insecurities like no job since April (but I have to say that God is amazing He is looking after my family and myself). Like a lot of you I felt anxious, uneasy, however the Lord began to show to me and this is what I want to share with you. Here are some questions why are you so intently looking for the rapture (make no mistake I know it’s our blessed hope). Please understand that the answer to these questions are between you and the Lord. 1st are you looking for the rapture to escape this world or to be with the King of Kings. 2nd How much time do you spend with the Lord and do you even know who you are going to meet when raptured. 3rd How intimately do you know Christ. If the Lord told you that the rapture is only in a couple of years would you be disappointed take it before the Lord and ask why. If the Lord told you that the rapture was going to take much more time and that He wanted you to proclaim His name would you be discouraged. If the Lord told you, you were going to prison before the rapture what would you say(like so many all around the world including the Chinese). The point is are people putting their situation and rapture (getting out of here and away from their problems) before God, a question you have to ask yourself before the Lord. God does not tolerate anything before Himself (no saying you not saved, but will be shown). So in essence is the rapture becoming an idle before the King of Kings because of our wants and hearts. No man will bring closer or inforce the rapture until God says its time no matter what. I leave you with this analogy they say in Israel that are about to announce their messiah I ask you would the rest of the world care, at the moment which government would bow to him. But I tell you when its Gods timing then they will. I do believe that it will be the rapture but its Gods timing not man trying to influence His timing. He is Almighty. I do pray for the Lord Jesus to come to bow low very low before the King of Kings amen.


    Aint "NO FASTRAK TO RAPTURE" bro...!

  • residue junkie
    residue junkie

    *The King James bible **_was_** at one time a literary masterpiece without blemish. There were no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors in it. I have a short film in my playlist on how that came about. Now, they're on every page! Satan has **_supernaturally_** attacked it more than any other translation, but all of them in every language have been destroyed in the fulfillment of prophecy! Plus all concordances, encyclopedias, dictionaries, history books, the original manuscripts and the Dead Sea scrolls have been changed!* *Not every word, Satan is too smart for that and he understands that rats won't eat pure poison so .05% is added to 99.95% corn and the rats love it... and perish for lack of knowlege!* *Our Father said to "prove all things" and you better obey Him on this thing especially. I have an exceptional memory, I clearly remember my third birthday party and can draw an accurate and detailed picture of my baby stroller. I'm 67, was saved when I was10 and **_had been_** reading only the **_exact same copy_** of the King James bible since 1961. I memorized many scriptures out of it over the years and I absolutely **_know_** that the word **_demons_** used to be all through it. But today it's not anywhere in there! It was replaced with **_devils._** And the only place I've ever read the word **_wineskins_** was in my bible, but it's not in it any more either. It was replaced with **_bottles._** And now **_unicorns, easter, matrix, castles, damsels, stuff, corn, colleges, banks, tires, mufflers, manifolds, engines, highways, suburbs, presidents, doctors, pilots, ferryboats, couches_** and lots of other words are in it that I never saw in it my whole life! Many of these words are anachronisms (they didn't even exist in 1611!) It never talked about men with milk in their breasts nursing babies either, but now it does! Isaiah 11:6 used to say the **_lion_** shall lie down with the lamb, not the **_wolf_** shall also dwell with the lamb! Lion represents Jesus and wolf is associated with Satan! There's an 8 minute film in my playlist that will show you plenty of undeniable "residue" (proof of what **_was_** that Satan missed) on that verse. Luke **17:34** used to say "two shall be in one bed, one shall be taken and the other one left", but now it says "two **_men_** shall be in one bed.......!And the following verse said "two women shall be grinding at the mill together......" and now it just says "two women shall be **_grinding together_** ......! So now the bible makes it sound like homosexuals are going to be raptured!* But *this is the biggie,* in Luke 19:27 it has Jesus saying "And those mine enemies that would not that I should reign over them, bring hither and *SLAY THEM BEFORE ME!"* It did say _eschew_ them. This verse makes Christians sound like radical extremists!! *Millions of Christians will be killed because of this change!!!* And I know that this is a parable, but the king Jesus was talking about was Himself, the King of Kings! *I memorized the Lord's prayer as a boy because Jesus told us to say it, and I have probably said it tens of thousands of times, and it absolutely did not say **_which_** art in heaven, it said **_who_** art in heaven, it didn't say **_in earth,_** it was **_on earth._** And it now says forgive us our **_debts_** instead of our **_trespasses._* *God has sent His strong delusion to all of the people that never received the love of the truth! What's scary is, so far that appears to be most believers! This incredible phenomenon they're calling the Mandela effect is absolutely real, but it should actually be called the Daniel **7:25** effect. I first became aware of some of the bible changes in 2014 before I ever had a computer or had heard of the Mandela effect. But since 2016 I've watched about 4,000 videos on the subject, and saved some of the best and most important ones for skeptics in my playlist titled PROOF OF BIBLE CHANGE.* *Even though I will no longer read any bible, I continue to study what God inspired men to write by seeing what scriptures have been changed with proof of what was originally written. I urge you to do the same, while you still can, because when **_all_** truth is censored, or we no longer have access to internet, all we'll have then is hard copies of the bible Satan wants us reading! At that point Amos **8:12** will be fulfilled where it says we will no longer be able to find His words anywhere again.* *This is without question the biggest and most important event since the day of Pentecost! When you see absolute proof that the miraculous fulfillment of end time prophesies is happening with your own eyes, and how close we are to our Savior's return, it's the most faith strengthening and exciting thing that you've ever experienced! God bless you all!!!*

    • dooglitas

      You spend way too much time watching videos and way too little time actually researching facts. You are very confused.

  • Mary Contrary
    Mary Contrary

    PreTrib rapture! Keep the faith!!

    • Lori Degre
      Lori Degre

      The trumpet is about to be blown🙌💗🙌 Maranatha 🙏 God bless everyone🙌🙌💗🙌🙌

    • Awaitingthetrumpetcall

      ​@John Mark _"Which book and verse tells of pre-trib rapture is my question..."_ By saying the Bible is incomplete you've managed to leave yourself a gigantic escape hatch. There is no scripture that you will accept if you believe books have been removed from the Bible. *Why would you believe 'anything' the Bible says if the God, who spoke the universe into existence, does NOT EVEN HAVE THE POWER to insure that we have a reliable record of His revealed will?* If we cannot establish which portions of the Bible can be relied on, any further debate is pointless. I accept as true only what I the Bible. I am solidly pre-trib and I will not chase you. What books are missing?

    • dooglitas

      @John Mark You are wrong that I have no intention of "receiving new information that differs from my7 present conception of the rapture." However, I will not receive such information unless it is true, accurate, and biblically sound information. The fact that you presented a video by Rob Skiba as somehow a serious presentation of good exegetical biblical doctrine casts serious doubt upon your ability to discern biblical truth. Rob Skiba is not a reliable divider of biblical truth. He is a film maker and frankly says many things that are unsound biblically. It is a false statement that the pretrib rapture cannot be found anywhere in scripture. It is seen in many places in scripture. Saying something doesn't make it true. Your statement that it serves no point for us to "argue" is nonsense. You have leveled a serious accusation against me, that I believe in a "false doctrine." That is serious and needs to be discussed. You need to give good reason for such a serious accusation--a whole lot more than just giving me a link to a video by the likes of Rob Skiba. Your question about a "book" and "verse" that "tells" of a pretrib rapture is a false question. Virtually no biblical doctrine in Christian theology is found in a single verse of scripture. Here are some biblical points and verses that lead to the doctrine of a pretrib rapture. You are the one making the very serious accusation that the pre-trib rapture is "false doctrine." Therefore, you are the one who needs to show scripture to prove your point. I am not the one accusing you of false doctrine. You are the accuser, not me. But I will offer this one piece of evidence for my position. In Matt 24:37-39 and in the parallel passage of Luke 17:26-30, Jesus says that the coming (parousia) of the Son of Man will be as in the days of Noe and the days of Lot. Then Jesus gives the specific characteristics of the times of Noe and Lot that will be like at the time of Jesus' coming. The specific characteristics Jesus mentions are that the people will be eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage, buying, selling, building, and planting. All these activities have one thing in common. They are all normal, everyday activities that humans do each day all around the world. This passage proves that the rapture must happen before the tribulation, not at the end of the tribulation. Today, those everyday activities are still going on. At the end of the tribulation, those activities will NOT be going on. At the end of the tribulation, as we see from the Book of Revelation, all the cities will be destroyed. The mountains and islands will have disappeared. All the herbaceous plants, including food crops, will be burned up. One-third of all the trees will be burned up. All the water will be poisoned. Therefore, there will be no eating and drinking or planting or building. Along with all the cities being destroyed, all the nuclear plants will necessarily be destroyed, poisoning the air over much of the world. Most of the population of earth will be dead, billions of bodies lying around across the face of the earth. The oceans will be dead and stinking with death. Surviving humans will not be marrying and giving in marriage. They will be starving, sick, dying, full of grief and horror from all they have been through and have seen. So the days of Noe and Lot are now, not the end of the tribulation. This is just one piece of the biblical evidence for a pretrib rapture.

    • residue junkie
      residue junkie

      @John Mark *This is the first film in my playlist.* Lion and Lamb

    • John Mark
      John Mark

      @Awaitingthetrumpetcall I will comment the same to you, Which book and verse tells of pre-trib rapture is my question, which you claim says that the rapture of the church happens pre, mid, or post tribulation? I am going to politely disagree, or you and I, as well as thousands of bible scholars over the years, would not be arguing this today. Agreed? If this "interpretation" of scripture is found in the bible that tells of rapture before tribulation begins on the Earth, then please tell me where it is found, and I will promptly apologize. I am certain that you will never be able to do this, but I have been mistaken before and I am certain I can be again...

  • Jane Hilton
    Jane Hilton

    Thank you both!! So enjoyed Chad’s previous channel. Truth!!! Ppl get so upset because they do not want to hear truth! They want their ears tickled just like the Bible said!! Keep on keeping on !! God bless you both richly!! Hold fast for your crown awaits !! Oh yes!! As soon as they said there was a coin shortage!!! I said. Ok. One more thing!! Trying to reach the lost daily!!

  • Monique Weston
    Monique Weston

    Trump has something to do with the antichrist!

    • Absolute Boyfire
      Absolute Boyfire

      Blood of Jesus

    • Absolute Boyfire
      Absolute Boyfire

      yes, "donald trump" is the false prophet. thank you.

  • Bronco 95
    Bronco 95

    "Q" followers believe in DJT. He can't do it. Will this nation repent and fight??

    • Bronco 95
      Bronco 95

      @John Mark I follow sites that believe DJT is Deep State. (5G, manditory vacs, RedFlagLaws, censorship, SAI-chemtrails) I say DJT cud dissapear into a Hollywood script/psyop and never get blamed. I follow Q sites that believe The Plan is working NOW; High profile arrests, Gitmo, economic jubilee/reset. I believe we've gone too far in their trap.

    • John Mark
      John Mark

      @Monique Weston The majority do seem to take it that way, but DJT is by no means the Savior. Truth be told, DJT may very well be quite the opposite! The Jewish Sanhedrin are calling Trump, Moshiach! Add the Abraham Accord and it raises my eyebrows...

    • Monique Weston
      Monique Weston

      He is their saviour

  • Saul toPaul
    Saul toPaul

    Best convo I’ve heard from you!! Thank you! *Oh yeah, I named my school in Shanghai “Olive Tree English” to pay homage.

  • Jenna Wasikowski
    Jenna Wasikowski

    How did Jesus know us before we were born? He said I knew you before and named us. So my question is why would we decide to come to this horrible place just to want to go home

    • Bronco 95
      Bronco 95

      @dooglitas Thinking(does God 'think'?) and design is planning, planing our existence, not our path. BINGO! THAT BETTER? You got stuck on "planned our LIVES". (never said 'that'. Actually I could not conceive or imagine God planning my day or behavior. BUT, He does both, intercedes in His way, or stays away.

    • Bronco 95
      Bronco 95

      @dooglitasTry separating the two. God's creation from OUR FREE WILL. 1) God designed individual human beings. CORRECT? How and when He planned our "existence" is beyond human understanding. He never 'planned' our "path of free will", just the ability. 2) MY FRIEND, HE DESIGNED OUR FREE WILL WE ARE ABLE, AN OPPORTUNITY, TO BE TUNED IN WITH OUR CREATOR IN PRAYER AND FOLLOW HOLY FATHER'S WISDOM TO PLAN OUR LIVES SERVING GOD. HE REVEALS HIMSELF EVERY DAY, BUT IF WE CHOOSE. That equation could not be more beautiful and loving. AND YOU ARE LIVING IN THE MOST EXCITING TIMES OF HUMAN HISTORY. TheLastDays, DieForJesus, Jesus'SecondComing. LOOK, YOU AND I HAVE NO BETTER PURPOSE IN LIFE HERE IN 2020 IBUT TO ONLY FOCUS ON SAVING LIVES AND SOULS. NO MORE USELESS DISTRACTIONS. WE DIE WITH PURPOSE AND CONQUER DEATH LIKE JESUS. HOW EXCITING. JESUS SAID"NO FEAR". THAT'S ALSO A COMMANDMENT, SO LET YOUR FAITH STRETCH OUT AND GIVE GOD THE OPPORTUNITY TO TO USE HIS SUPERNATURAL POWER WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST. WE ARE NOT HERE TO SAVE OUR LIFE, CORRECT? LET THE HOLY SPIRIT IBE YOUR COMFORTER AND COUNSEL. I PROMISE, YOU WILL BE BLESSED WITH DIVINE WISDOM. (understanding God is like studying "everything science regarding water", including man, animals to insects to microbes to the planet. IMPOSSIBLE, and that's only a small fraction of His Design) The Ten Commandments and prayer is more than enough for us to live and serve Our Lord every day.

    • dooglitas

      @Bronco 95 No, I was not saying that I want to understand God's thinking and design. I was just trying to understand what you were talking about when you said God "planned us." That is a vague statement. It sounds like you were saying that God planned our lives and how our lives would go and planned every event in our lives and our actions. Your statement was very vague.

    • Bronco 95
      Bronco 95

      @dooglitas never said that either.

    • Bronco 95
      Bronco 95

      @dooglitasIT'S YOU, YOU "conclude" we existed! WHEN? HOW? AREN'T YOU SAYING YOU WANT TO UNDERSTAND GOD'S thinking and DIVINE DESIGN WITH OUR LIMITED HUMAN BRAIN? Dude, I honestly never tried to apply the word "think" to God. I understand plenty from His words and The Bible. The whole NWO DEEPSTATE SATANIC PLAN IS TO DESTROY 100% OF GOD'S CREATION AND REPLACE GOD. ("DEAD ROCK Galactic" Destruction", moon, mars, etc.)

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