Prophecy Update: The Miracle Called Israel
Prophecy Update: The Miracle Called Israel
There is no other country on earth that was driven from its ancient homeland only to return nearly 2,000 years later. From the diaspora beginning in 70 AD to the restoration beginning in the early 1900s, the Jews were dispersed among the nations of the world. And to this day, the Jewish people have continued to make their way back to their God-given land. Furthermore, from the very moment that God made His covenant with Abraham, we can testify of the miracles He's worked on the nation's behalf. Join Amir as he uncovers what is The Miracle Called Israel.
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All the signs of the last days are converging at the same time. Bible Prophecy is happening right before our eyes and like birth pains, the predicted events are happening more frequently and more intently. Never, in the history throughout the world have so many forces, including economic, scientific, techno-logic, ecologic, cultural, geopolitical, moral, spiritual and religion, converged together to bring this world that's already teetering over the edge into the abyss, to a point of no return. Jesus said when you see all these signs happening, know that I am near, even at the door.

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  • lethalsmoke

    Amir is a liar.

  • Hendrik van der Merwe
    Hendrik van der Merwe

    Amir, I used to really like watching your videos, UNTIL you, in an ungodly, unChristian manner went off on Jana Ben Noon (by the way, IF you are a real born again child Of God who accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior - is your SISTER in Christ). I do not agree with everything Jana and Steve, (the includes you and many others) - say - but that does not make me right and you wrong! That also does not mean I CAN now go off on you and belittle you as you did with Jana - publicly! I think you need to seek the Lord and you need to apologize for what you said toward your SISTER in Christ, Jana! It is sad to see so called Christins act like NON Christians, especially on sites like ALgone. If you disagree with her and Steve, there is a GODLY way and a RIGHT way to do it. Sadly I do not have your email address, otherwise I would have emailed you. What do you think you referring to Jana as a "crazy woman" and more accomplished? Do you think those who saw and heard it, thought you acted in a Godly, loving manner and that it was to the GLORY of God?? It saddens me to see how the Devil is using so called Christians to attack each other, when they do not agree with one another! That is NOT from God.

  • Gabriel Gonzalez
    Gabriel Gonzalez

    Israel is a fake. They’re not the chosen nation anymore, Jesus took that away from them and chose a new Israel so don’t be surprised when nothing comes to them as expected except for WAR AND DESTRUCTION because they’re the Zionist’s and the elite regime so why would you EVER think Christ would save them? They took the Star of David and the title for themselves but it doesn’t work that way because things have been twisted. It doesn’t belong to them at all.

  • Regina Hildebrand
    Regina Hildebrand

    Amir I love you so much it would be great to meet in person but I guess I have to wait when we are all in heaven just to sit with you and all the great men that walked with Jesus

  • Patty Hoekstra
    Patty Hoekstra

    I thank GOD for you and your ministry.

  • Sean rycard
    Sean rycard

    so sorry bro. but i know how you feel. even down here i had to leave the anglican church after a minister told me he would straighten me out about my lack off replacement theolagy.

  • Ray Merrick
    Ray Merrick

    I love and support Israel,I am a Conservative Christian and Israel is the Holy Land.

  • Samuel Guy
    Samuel Guy

    God is now about spiritual Israel, all who accept Jesus as their saviour and Lord. They lost that blessing after they rejected Jesus. But those of Israel who accept Jesus will be saved. All who accept Jesus are children of Abraham.

  • Delores Martel
    Delores Martel

    I think we need to mention Solomon's faults, cuz he got mixed up with the occult (Satan) which effects the world till present. Eg. Masons (luciferians)

  • Maxine Richeson
    Maxine Richeson

    Israelites are being converted as we speak!

  • Lawrence Ekdahl
    Lawrence Ekdahl

    Note! Israel has been under a curse they placed on themselvesfor I believe 2000 years when they said his blood be on us and on our children. That curse will shortly end soon. AMEN!

  • Absolute Boyfire
    Absolute Boyfire

    tents & regalia silver & gold

  • Felix Vecchiarelli
    Felix Vecchiarelli

    God said Nations (plural) would come from Isaac. Evangelicals focus on one nation (Israel). 'If you are Christ's, then you are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise". All believers are Israel.

  • Joseph Riggs
    Joseph Riggs

    Concerning Israel: "I might announce concerning a nation or a kingdom that I will build and plant it(Israel)but if it does what is evil in my sight by not listening to me(Israel),I will relent concerning the good I said I would do to it."(Jer.18:9-10) Jesus said to the fig tree(Israel),"May no fruit ever come from you again!"(Matt.21:19) " She has fallen,virgin Israel will *NEVER* rise again."(Amos 5:2) " *A person is not a Jew who is one outwardly*"

  • Ted Bates
    Ted Bates

    That was an excellent message that Amir gave. Thank you.

  • Timothy Turnbull
    Timothy Turnbull

    this is tim a deaf man. no c.c, for a deaf t hank you.

  • Absolute Boyfire
    Absolute Boyfire

    Light, Christ

  • Odelia Tan
    Odelia Tan

    So Joseph had an eqyptian wife & children?

  • Absolute Boyfire
    Absolute Boyfire

    liars east

  • Cheryl Lindgren
    Cheryl Lindgren

    Thank you,always such great teaching and messages. God bless all ,all the way from SA

  • Angie Sparks
    Angie Sparks

    Wonderful message. Prayers for Israel

  • residue junkie
    residue junkie

    *Power has been given to the the antichrist to change times and laws and perform his lying signs and wonders. And he has used this power to magically change all Holy scripture! All translations of the bible in all languages have been changed along with concordances, dictionaries, encyclopedias and history books. And it doesn't matter how old they are, even the Dead Sea scrolls have been changed! Out of the thousands of documentary films I've seen about this, the 40 in my playlist titled PROOF OF BIBLE CHANGE are some of the best for not only proof this is true, but showing where God warned us this was going to happen in bible prophecy. God bless you all!*

    • residue junkie
      residue junkie

      @deprogrammer shepherd *Here's my playlist....*

    • deprogrammer shepherd
      deprogrammer shepherd This is a list of some bible verses that have been changed and proofs of what was originally written in the KJV.

  • Lisa Ann
    Lisa Ann

    Thank you for the message 🙏

  • Nani Aloha
    Nani Aloha

    God bless you all from California! Raptureready Aloha Shalom!!

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