Is Bill Gates Planning The Mark Of The Beast?
Focus on the End Times - Is Bill Gates Planning The Mark Of The Beast?
As Christians, many of us are deeply concerned by some of the things we see taking place in America and around the world in response to the pandemic. If you’ve been listening to sources beyond the mainstream media, you’re likely disturbed by some of the proposed ideas.
People are especially suspicious of Bill Gates and believe his COVID-19 vaccination plans are either a prototype - or the actual mark of the beast described in Revelation 13.

There are good reasons to be disturbed as GATES has indicated he plans to create a vaccination for COVID-19 that contains a global ID with tracking capacity including an implanted microchip to store information.
In this timely teaching, Tim discusses the two competing marking systems in the book of Revelation and answers the two questions, “What really happens when you take the mark of the beast and what does it mean for Christians living in the last days.”
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All the signs of the last days are converging at the same time. Bible Prophecy is happening right before our eyes and like birth pains, the predicted events are happening more frequently and more intently. Never, in the history throughout the world have so many forces, including economic, scientific, techno-logic, ecologic, cultural, geopolitical, moral, spiritual and religion, converged together to bring this world that's already teetering over the edge into the abyss, to a point of no return. Jesus said when you see all these signs happening, know that I am near, even at the door.

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  • Miguel Aguilar
    Miguel Aguilar

    We need fight against evil 😈

  • Mr. Mack
    Mr. Mack

    What's a farhead?

  • Carlo Gevers
    Carlo Gevers

    Sorry, I cannot listen to this!

  • Carlo Gevers
    Carlo Gevers

    I wonder how much Bill Gates payed you to talk this nonsense!

  • Carlo Gevers
    Carlo Gevers

    You are deluded. I really hope you read this!

  • 1320 Challenger
    1320 Challenger

    It says “mark” not headband or badge, it explicitly says “on your right hand or on your forehead “, I disagree with this gentleman s view on the basis of scripture! The “whole world” sounds like it will encompass just that, now I agree that we will likely not be here...if the rapture occurs at the beginning of the seven years, on the other hand it is possible that we may be here for the first half of the tribulation, I simply do not know.

  • Diddy Konga
    Diddy Konga

    Sorry Sir but i do not agree with your version of the story.

  • Diddy Konga
    Diddy Konga

    Check out Microsoft Patent WO2020060606

  • GarpaMike

    He could be right. He could be wrong. I'm going with wrong. Simply having an icon would not keep people from buying or selling. Greed would make people sell even to a person without the mark. On the other hand, a chip implanted could initiate electronic fund transfers. But then again, I don't know how it will all converge together. I have I think more solid thoughts than what I've heard here though. I don't plan to be here at that time anyway. I do agree that the vaccine is not the mark, yet. I do think it is a precursor to it and another form of indoctrinating people in preparation for it. That said, I still will not take it. My concern is not it being the mark but the process in which it is being developed. Stem cell? Aborted baby fetuses? Nope. Not for me. Quit watching at the 13 minute mark so I don't know what the rest of the comments were. Didn't matter to me.

  • alan bacalso
    alan bacalso

    THE SCENE @ THE very MOMENT OF THE RAPTURE (Revelation 3:10=12:5) >>>

  • Rob Creek
    Rob Creek


  • Anand Hariprashad
    Anand Hariprashad

    Somehow you are being deceived and blinded and are in support of these evil schemes. Bill Gates is evil and the mark could very well be associated with todays technology and microchips and tracking.

  • Donna Ellison
    Donna Ellison

    Even though the vaccination isn't mark of beast, there is an id2020 attached to this. This vaccination has been rushed, it has an RNA factor that changes dna, and since 1986 the government was sued so many times by unsafe vaccinations that now they don't even test them, because no one can be sued for damages...ingredients consist of mercury, aborted baby tissue, and other toxic chemicals. We will lose alot of our freedoms because of the id2020 which we will be tracked with and this could be a precursor to mark of beast since we may not be able to travel or work without it.

  • guy Osment
    guy Osment

    See On U tube DR Ken Gentry " The Beast of Revelation IDENTIFIED " A must see !!

  • M Chevalier-Seawell
    M Chevalier-Seawell

    The vax is not safe. They contain heavy metals which are neuro toxic. All vax are grown in animal tissue or birds which carry viri of their own, like mouse leukemia virus and simean immune deficiency virus. These viri aren’t that bad in their natural host, but they can be very bad when they are injected into humans. In addition all vax contain fetal tissue from abortions. There has never been testing to see what happens to ppl who are injected with foreign dna or rna. Add nanotechnology. Bill Gates wants to be indemnified for the ppl that are harmed. His polio vax caused more than 500,000 cases of polio in India. It is not only the COVID vax that is dangerous, but all vax that have the above ingredients or are grown in other animals/birds, I am not concerned about the mark of the beast, but the vax is dangerous. Md on the East Coast.

  • Johnny Childers
    Johnny Childers

    Bill Gates is not the false prophet? How do you know he's not the false prophet?

  • Gina marie Smith
    Gina marie Smith

    Your are faulsly speaking, you DO NOT have NO understanding! The Beast system is of different eliminates that in combination it builds the Beast system. WWW=666, GMO / hydrojel Chemicals in Air, water and food, Lusifrasis aray needles, ID 2020 Tracking system, NaNo Dust, CERN, TRUMP'S 5G and beyond microwave warfare population Control. Along with the Great Disception of people filling their mind's with the evils of the free Mason's, Iliminottie, ancient deities, of faulse god's worship. The Vaccines have RNA DNA changers, they are going to change people like they do with GMO. They are targeting what they call the V-Mac Gene and named the God Gene/ To Destroy the conciousness of God! Vaccine has all sorts of other's DNAs like human afterbirth, Nepholem DNA, Pig DNA ECT. Along with metals like allumminnun, coper, iron with Mercury. They will make humans, human transistors for 5G mind control.

  • Dennis Klopper
    Dennis Klopper

    You have a screw loose for sure. Rightly divide the word of God 🙏. 2 Tim 2:15. Your theology is totally skewed, sorry. You need to wake up. Watch A birds eye view of the Bible by Pastor Rodney Beaulieu on ALgone 🙏. Only then will you understand will you know what God is doing today.

  • Judi Martin
    Judi Martin

    Thank you Tim for your take on the current Covid-19, but leading to the vaccine's tricky issues of both it's safety and the 'end-times' prophesy leading to the Mark of the Beast. The problem is programing us towards taking the Mark. So, I don't approach the 'taking of the vaccine' lightly. I'm leery about the toxic contents in the vaccination that could impair many or most or all of us neurologically and in other ways impairing us to make unintelligible and indelible mistakes with our souls.

  • cedsyr23

    You should research what's in those vaccines! Did you know that these vaccines contain tissues from aborted human fetuses? and precisely these vaccines are produced by the same people who promote population control! Be very careful, the church leaders are receiving money to persuade Christians to take the COVIV vaccine!!!

  • get saved
    get saved

    It's not saved believers we are worried for, it is unsaved believers and unbelievers, the Bible says they will be deceived by the Beast.

  • Wowtaboo Jones
    Wowtaboo Jones

    20 minutes I can't get back for listening to a chucklehead that's happy to play along with the tightening noose set for those who won't obey government and fall in line with their propoganda.

  • ChildofCHRIST

    You Sir need to pray for Spiritual Discernment 😞 🙏 This is dangerously misleading people...UNSUBCRIBED.

  • Fish4Man61

    Why worry, Christ does not give fear and he promises to come take out his church, the bride, in the air before any of this starts. The mark Of The Beast will not even start till the half way mark! Best to share the message and save as many lost as possible while there is still time!

  • Annie M
    Annie M

    Apparently he his pro-Gates. I will not take the vaccine, I'd rather get the covid.

  • T Stam
    T Stam

    Although this guy's premise is completely right but this isn't the mark of the beast he is completely blind if he doesn't see the underlying game being played in laid out by taking these preliminary steps

  • Melanie Potter
    Melanie Potter

    With all due respect, you are not perceiving with discernment. Do you really believe the temptation to utilize the incredible power of artificial intelligence will not come to fruition? The "mark" being an armband is ridiculous. The enemy is a deceiver and will use fear of a pandemic to use something like a vaccine to delude millions to take the mark. This video is foolishness. We are to be vigilant and test what we see against God's Word. During this pandemic I have seen incredible lies perpetrated against the masses and they are completely deluded. The deceived today actually believe a face mask will save them and they scream at people who are not deluded. "For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. See, I have told you ahead of time." Mat 24:24

  • sally Matthews
    sally Matthews

    The only place where I disagree is regarding Islam. There will be no religion per the New World Order per the UN’s website. Their goals are clear with a goal date of 2030. Google it. Scary stuff if you miss the rapture for sure. Great video, sir. Thank you.

  • Eddie Preas
    Eddie Preas

    Why in the world would I take a vaccine for a sickness that pretty much is powerless to kill you. When we have things tike cancer and flues and so many other sicknesses to worry about that first.

  • Doug Godkin
    Doug Godkin

    Interesting that addressed that the number of man/number of the beast is 666, and the trust mark which is the biometric chip has a patent id number of 060606. As well he is making the assumption that we are still in the church age.

  • Bett T
    Bett T

    No worries folks - now we're to believe the "miracle drug" Regeneron will be the accepted alternative to the vaccine. But guess what - it's the same exact thing - complete with mouse dna and harvested stem cells: Almost fooled us with reverse-psychology, but GOD!

  • gary hutchinson
    gary hutchinson

    I don't think he See's the precursor to the mark.

  • Ed Queener
    Ed Queener

    The lamb's mark is for the 144,000 Jews. The rest of us saints will be with Jesus in our brand new GLORIFIED BODIES. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I'm not taking any vaccines or trust mankind. My trust and hope is in the Holy Trinity.

  • John Tasaro
    John Tasaro

    Bible makes it VERY clear it's in your right hand and in your forehead ... not on your hand and head In big dif

  • Simply, Follow Me TM Christian Ministries
    Simply, Follow Me TM Christian Ministries

    One, We (Fellow Believers -- Children Of GOD Almighty) Will NOT Be HERE (IN Satan's World), DURING The Seven Year Tribulation (The Being CAUGHT UP Together OCCURS, BEFORE The Seven Year Tribulation BEGINS); BUT Two, I Will NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER !!!!!!! Take ANY Vaccine, For THIS Current "Supposedly" Deadly Virus, Known As, The Chinese Communist Party Coronavirus!

  • Debbie Patten
    Debbie Patten

    Great video. Our Pastor teaching Revelations to us now.

  • Debbie Patten
    Debbie Patten

    Great video. Our Pastor teaching Revelations to us now.

  • Kristian Schalborg
    Kristian Schalborg

    Bill Gates couldn't even keep virus out of his own windows. How in the hell, would he succeed with living human beings, withc he knows absolutely nothing about? 😷

  • Andy Levy
    Andy Levy

    Is this guy for real? Don’t be afraid of Bill And Melinda Gates, who are proven to be followers of Satan? Don’t be afraid of their vaccination, there is nothing to it? Don’t worry, the Bible doesn’t say that Satan wants to track you? The Bible doesn’t say the mark of the beast has anything to do with technology, so don’t worry about microchips or nano technology? Has this guy been paying attention to what’s been going on??

    • Absolute Boyfire
      Absolute Boyfire

      pause vid and turn screen, to see what you're looking at

  • Contending for the Faith
    Contending for the Faith

    This is the time of great deception, nowhere in the video was Donald Trump mentioned, was until the end, when he said pray for America and Donald Trump. Most folks can not see that Trump is the Antichrist, and this beast system government is behind him covering up his tracks. Not to mention the lukewarm Christians that support him. This game is for keeps, if you don't wake in time, you in trouble.

  • Connie De Vos
    Connie De Vos

    Nobody may change the word of God. Read word by word...sentance by sentance..paragrave by paragrave. Story by story....

  • Mike Ellingsworth
    Mike Ellingsworth

    Prophecy update videos does the mark of the beast be voluntary not necessarily forced. Bless ypu and your family.

  • Luis G
    Luis G

    Just because we shouldn't be afraid of these things does not mean we should go along with them either. Nobody takes a microchip or vaccine by accident. When the angel of God is told to seperate the remaining people based on whether they have the mark of the beast or the mark of God, they are both still living in this world. The true church will go through Tribulation until God cuts it short for the sake of His remnant. This poor guy is mistaken about multiple things in this presentation, I don't even know where to start!

  • Lisa Forte
    Lisa Forte

    This is false teaching. Do not believe this. Do not take the vaccine.

  • Demetres Love
    Demetres Love

    It's NOT ABOUT ARRESTING ANYBODY... sending them to Prison OR Jail... IT'S THE CALL FOR HEAVEN, OR HELL!!! LET THEM CHOOSE!!! Words from YAHWEH!!!

  • Watch Man
    Watch Man

    *Be spiritually prepared to face the Mark of the Beast (ANTICHRIST 666 DONALD TRUMP)* We don't know yet what the mark of the beast will be. We only know that it will be a mark placed on the RIGHT hand, or on the forehead. It could be a chip, or something else. WE DON`T KNOW YET. The beast is Antichrist 666 Donald Trump. HE WHO RECEIVES THE MARK OF THE ANTICHRIST 666 TRUMP WILL ETERNALLY SUFFER ON THE LAKE OF FIRE AND SULFUR: “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.” Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.” Revelation 14:9-12

    • Absolute Boyfire
      Absolute Boyfire

      we know that the mark of the beast was back in 1984, 1987 it had all. "donald trump" had something to do with it. we think that the beast is the womanthing with him in "the white house." new heaven new earth, the burning

  • Gwen Ketterman
    Gwen Ketterman


  • Melissa Motta de Almeida
    Melissa Motta de Almeida

    There is no pre rapture, even you yourself quoted the Bible verse: to the sound of THE LAST TRUMPET.

  • Linda Earl
    Linda Earl

    Not for me.

  • Anes shiego
    Anes shiego

    Me too. Amen.

  • Penrose

    @Prophecy Update Videos- You avoided and misinterpreted the "buy or sell" section in Revelations 13, but the great majority of believers would completely agree with you as they still want to enjoy both, God and money. Not very many are willing to give up their worldly possessions, and are willing to pick-up their cross and follow Christ as He commanded. Jesus said in Matthew 6:24-“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money". The mark of the beast will be something "required" in order to "buy or sell" within the new beast system, and the hi-tech COVID-19 vaccine (luciferase/nanobots) along with the cryptocurrency microchip fits that description to the 'T'...why?... because you won't be able to "buy or sell" or even be a part of the system with-out it. They're going to make people honor and love this new beast system, and it will become a part of the person where s/he will be harvesting their own money by the work they give, and by the participation that they have, they will mine their own cryptocurrency. In other words, you can't "buy or sell" if you don't get the mark because you can't mine anything without it, and because the cryptocurrency itself and the system they have will be embedded in you, or it won't be. The third beast will start an economic separation which will force people, "globally", everyone in the entire planet to take a side, to pledge allegiance, and receive the mark of the beast, which is the economic stamp of approval aka the required identification mark located on your forehead or hand to show and prove your allegiance to the antichrist and his beast system. I don't know when this will happen, but it will definitely happen.Those who claim to have Faith in Christ will soon need to provide "proof of faith', because when the time comes, your actions will speak louder than your words.Those who do not have the mark of the beast will be cut off from all services such as: work, school, food, gas, your money, medical help, family, flights, benefits, society etc...the devil will Not make it easy for anyone, and you better believe it! Matthew 7:13-14-->13 “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy[a] that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. 14 For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.

  • Araxi Mangou
    Araxi Mangou

    What a collection of comments!!!!!! The man explained very well about the Mark of the Beast, but obviously none of you are born again Christians nor have any knowledge of the Bible. It really saddens me!

    • Absolute Boyfire
      Absolute Boyfire

      it is a hundred years since christian

  • A du Plooy
    A du Plooy

    I do not agree with you Tim. The Bible says the mark of the beast is a mark not something you put on like a band as you describe. Listen to the video and see what the vaccine can do. They can scan you and see if you got the vaccine. Only 6 percent of people died from the Corona Virus and all others died from other diseases and illnesses. If this is true from the World Health Organization, why the Vaccine when so few people have died from the virus? Listen to this:

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B

    The mark will not be forced on you, you must willing to accept it of your own free will and if you do, you will be condemned to eternal damnation, and if you don't you will be killed

  • Kathy Grant
    Kathy Grant

    Alert! This man is teaching falsely. He does not do research properly, if at all and is not using discernment with scripture. DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE! or their tests for that matter. Their tests have an admitted 80% false positive.

  • mr lord
    mr lord

    False Teacher

  • Amy F
    Amy F

    Agreed, this isn’t the Mark- it’s not time yet, according to the Bible. But, go to ID2020 website and see why so many people will refuse to get it. The chip may or may not be in this vaccine- we don’t know at this time. But skepticism is healthy these days

    • Amy F
      Amy F

      I can’t wrap my head around his comment about the mark being something worn- - an icon/logo like Nike swoosh...? Ummm... I believe the mark will be a permanent one, and those who aren’t raptured, and must go through the tribulation, will have to choose to take the mark or not. Admit you are a sinner, Believe in Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection, and call on His name. Jesus saves, and because of the rapture, thankfully, believers will not be around when the anti-Christ presents the mark. Those that miss the rapture and must go through the tribulation can still be saved from an eternal life in hell- if they don’t take the mark, and they believe and call upon Jesus to save them... then they will have an eternal life in Heaven.

  • Candice Blake
    Candice Blake

    Bill Gates on Track to Grow His Fortune Through Foundation’s Ties to Vaccine Makers

  • Mike Dell
    Mike Dell

    Wake up! Judgement is coming. The TRUTH. In the World, But Not of It. 23 Reborn! By the Blood! 2346: TRIBULATION! 6969-11-69 666 JUDGEment!

  • Globe Forever
    Globe Forever

    "A digital chip in a vaccine" and "The mark of the beast". This man is in cloud cuckoo land and on top of that he quotes from the fairy tale bible, this is 2020 get real.


    Agree with the part that the vaccine is not the mark, but cannot agree that it's an icon icon .. your point that it includes the worship of the beast is true, but that doesn't mean there won't be a microchip also implanted in the body. the fact they are setting it up the cashless society, is an indicator that it is to do with micro-chipping. that mark or chip will be used to find out where everyone is also. will have every personal details about us,ID that is..Date of birth and other personal details.. and so on..Not sure Islam is the Antichrist system.

  • miss kj 777
    miss kj 777

    If you are support and recommend

  • MultiAlphaZ

    The word in Revelation for the "mark", can also mean a "scratch" or "sore". Though I completely agree with the majority of all said in this video.... NO ONE can say it has nothing to do with technology. But what we can say, is that the current role of health and safety scares is clearly proving to the world that the majority easily comply and world governments, whether free or dictatorial, ARE forcing marxist type rules on all. This we now are witnessing is most certainly PREPARING the world FOR the Antichrist and his 'mark'

  • Absolute Boyfire
    Absolute Boyfire

    mark 1984

    • Absolute Boyfire
      Absolute Boyfire

      "1987, it had all" am i hearing from death..?

  • Absolute Boyfire
    Absolute Boyfire

    same creature cuomo? Light!

    • Absolute Boyfire
      Absolute Boyfire

      The Cross!

  • Tassie Spirit
    Tassie Spirit

    It will not be Islamic religion that is the one that forces you, it will be the one religion that the pope is even now arranging and that he wants to be the leader of. It will force all to worship on a Sunday and have one god, but not the Almighty God Yahweh but satan.

  • kodi tv
    kodi tv

    The vaccine has not come out yet. Gates has spoken openly about a tracking system. Now even if Gates vaccine is not a mandatory vaccine. I would never take it. For one, openly stated that this corvid vaccine is a DNA based vaccine. No Christian should ever take a DNA based vaccine. DNA is from aborted babies. But also Revelations 16:2 the sore. Left out. But a vaccine is a no way thing for a Christian. But as seeing how mask you can’t buy or work. If the mandate to take a vaccine mandatory. You can’t work or buy. No don’t take! No way. Even if not mark of the beast it is a for runner. Even so Lord Jesus come

  • Alfonso Bernal Jimenez 9
    Alfonso Bernal Jimenez 9

    Bill Gates, Soros. Acabareis en la silla eléctrica por Genocidio. El nuevo orden mundial de Lucifer no se va a implementar

  • Steven Peach
    Steven Peach

    Regardless of the Mark of the Beast being implemented in the Tribulation period, the vaccine is "conditioning" the people to accept the mark. It's also conditioning people to be controlled by the rich elite. The original Greek says "in" the right hand or forehead. It was later translated "on". Although the Bible doesn't specifically say it will be some kind of chip, the technology is here to receive the mark. It could be a chip, introduced via the vaccine, in preparation for the mark. It could also be a technological tattoo, which is able to record and keep all info about you. Besides, Gates' vaccine is known to contain stuff from fetal tissue. And it's been stated that the vaccine can alter your DNA. All of this would make me want to refuse taking the vaccine.

  • Steve Barnes
    Steve Barnes

    Are you sure? The Rapture is right before the wrath of God is poored out a pond the earth in the End, right

  • Elizabeth LeBouef
    Elizabeth LeBouef

    Great video! Thank you!

  • Kim Cole
    Kim Cole

    Anybody else on here EXTREMELY uncomfortable with just about everything this guy said? I mean I just feel Holy Spirit red flags going up all over the place.

  • rodjshe

    I just like to keep in mind, the Pharisees were the experts during the time of Jesus first coming, and they got it all wrong. First I would question the pre-trib: "Immediately after the tribulation of those days...... and they shall see the Son of man coming." The Bible is pretty clear on this, we are not appointed to wrath (from God), but, we will suffer tribulation (from Satan). For those who believe the 3rd temple has to be built first, we are that temple, "If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are". How does the temple become defiled? 'As in the days of Noah so shall it be...." All flesh (genes) had become corrupted. Noah, though, was perfect in his genes. Could the abomination that causes desolation be a genetic modification of the temple, humans? Satan's modification and signature in your DNA could alter what you do (right hand) and how you think (forehead) Several of the vaccines currently being produced are of a new technology never used before on humans. They are designed to insert foreign DNA or RNA into our genome through a technology called crisper. This is how they currently genetically modify plants and animals. The two current platforms for these new vaccines are injection via needle with electroporation, or by utilizing a microneedle array patch. The micro-needle array has all the attributes of the mark of the beast. Designed after the serpent fang, this patch can be self applied (i.e must be taken willingly). This band-aid like patch could be easily applied to your hand or forehead, thus inserting the vaccine and creating an invisible scannable digital ID using a compound in the vaccine called Luciferase. Thus you will have a digital ID proving your are vaccinated so you can be allowed to work and buy or sell goods. This patch also uses hydrogel Nano-technology that many claim has been developed to create an interface between humans and computers, potentially programmable humans. Think about it, rather than being filled with the Holy spirit you could be filled with the spirit of AI, artificial intelligence or rather anti-christ.

  • T. K.
    T. K.

    I wonder how the apostle John would have understood/compared modern technology to explain it to those living in the last days before Christ returns!?!! While I am sure God will not let someone be tricked into taking the mark, the Word clearly says we cannot buy or sell without it. And we all know in any situation we cannot deny Christ, or he will deny knowing us. If you are right, great. But if you are not, Jesus says the teachers will be held more accountable.

  • serie

    where does the purple and crimson fit into the islamic faith? it fits the cardinals and bishops of the cath's

  • Eyes that See
    Eyes that See

    Brother your seeing through a vail, the word for word is important, for the Word(Jesus Christ) is the S Spirit Of Prophecy, you must teach him like that not paraphrasing you missing the Truth. And teaching Biblical falsehoods.

  • Eyes that See
    Eyes that See

    That is not what the Holy Bible says, listen to my video please.

  • Hangin Out With Stan
    Hangin Out With Stan

    This guy is wacky!!! He doesn't understand prophecy. He doesn't understand the mark of the beast. Nor does he know the evilness of Bill Gates. I'm not saying the vaccine will be that mark but it *could be* made into the mark of the beast according to Bible prophecy.

  • Seadubb45

    It’s softball approaches like this that solidify my mistrust for this guy and Prophecy Update Videos in general. He doesn’t address Transhumanism, The Nano Diamonds delivered by LUCIFERase into your skin, The Hydrogel Nanotechnology from DARPA and PROFUSA, the mRNA that will re-write your DNA forever nor the fact they are trying to construct a 3rd strand of DNA made of silicon into your current double helix DNA. I could go on and on. No one seems to care. Our DNA and Genetic makeup are HOLY. They are Gods Temple. He dwells within us. Not in buildings made with human hands. If you allow atheistic scientists and doctors to re-write your genetic code, altering your DNA permanently, you will no longer be fully human. You also will no longer be recognizable to The Holy Spirit as Gods creation. We all better wake up, and quickly. When Pastors and Theologians present their interpretations and act like they are 100% correct on everything, it makes my spirit hurt. Sure, I believe in a Pre-Trib Rapture. But I’m not staking my salvation on it. Sure, I believe in eternal security, but I’m not letting my guard down and becoming one with the general population towards sinful living. Christ is my Savior, Christ is my righteousness. And there’s ONE THING He warns us about: If they EVER try to make you take something or you can’t “buy or sell” don’t take it. It’s the Mark of the Beast. Paraphrasing Rev. 13. Knock yourselves out, take the vaccine, have your DNA modified, take the Hydrogel Nanotechnology, the Biosensors. Let them hook your physical body, through the biosensors up to WiFi and A.I., using Quantum Computers to monitor and control your behavior. But....Oh don’t worry, take the vaccine, all is well, Bill Gates good...Orange man bad... Get a grip people.

  • V C
    V C

    Bill isnt smart enough

  • Joseph Gunnar
    Joseph Gunnar

    I don't know about anyone else. But, I'm actually to the point where I either want the end to happen already OR everyone just shut up about it already.. Waiting for something bad to happen is usually waaaaay worse than actually going through it. For example, a tooth extraction. Is the end of the world comparable to a dentist visit? Literally, no. Figuratively, yes. All this talk about how bad things are and how they are only going to get worse and worse until the world burns. Get on with it already or let's all just let it go and accept that it isn't gonna happen. At least not for a very long time.

  • Anna Aiello
    Anna Aiello

    He needs to watch Dr. Carrie Madej !!!!!

  • Chad pope
    Chad pope

    This rapture teaching is becoming very dangerous. I think many Christians will unknowingly take the mark. The Bible clearly says the beast will make war with the saints and overcome them.

  • Vena Z
    Vena Z

    Certificate of Vaccine A Intelligence yes gates is conspiring the mark of the beast. I BELIEVE GATES IS...DON'T TAKE THE SHOT FROM HIM

  • Arceli Collins
    Arceli Collins

    I don't care and I am not going to say anything about the mark of the beast. These vaccines have something and that is why I am not taking it. I believe we will be out before it starts getting crazy. God help us. Maranatha, come Lord Jesus.

  • brandon booth
    brandon booth

    So I guess he's going to take the vaccination?

  • brandon booth
    brandon booth

    This guy is definitely a false prophet and unfortunately thinks he's going to be raptured before. I believe he's in for a big surprise

  • Dan Dodge
    Dan Dodge

    This brother has a low level of discernment. Even if this vaccine is not the mark it is still something you should run from as fast as you can. Bill Gates and his husband are satanists. DO NOT take it under any circumstance.

  • Connie Hoeft
    Connie Hoeft

    The reason I will not take the vaccine, is not because I think it is the mark of the beast, but, because, I refuse to take any vaccine that has been made with aborted babies tissue, and also, one that will change your DNA, you sound just like the stupid pope !!!

  • Jennifer Kline
    Jennifer Kline

    I really wish people would research moderna and Bill Gates father who was the ceo of planned parenthood and his degree in eugenics. Bill Gates mother favored socialism and marxism. She made her political view very clear. I have researched for over 10 years. Please understand their goals are not for the good of mankind. Please check out or .com. he loves Jesus and has a very strong medical backround as a paramedic (35 years) please before you decide the vaccination isnt corrolated with the Mark, research, research. Im not trying to persuade anyone. Let those with eyes to see and ears to here! One of the components of this vaccine is called luciferase, why would that be a name having to do with a vaccine? God bless you!

  • M G
    M G

    False teacher, next

  • Karin Anderson
    Karin Anderson

    The vaccine will not be tested properly. It will change your DNA if that isn't beastly just check the contents of the vaccine

  • Mia Behrens
    Mia Behrens

    you are not really helping, because mark or not mark, this vaccine is EVIL . The hole family Gates is evil. So if people are not wanting to take that vaccine, it's because they did their homework. It may not be the mark, but is something with nano technology, somehow linked to something evil. People who are very intelligent and having more knowledge than you and I regarding this kind , warning NOT TO TAKE THE VACCINE. God bless you

  • debah 107
    debah 107

    thanks for this biblical clarification of the mark

  • White Punks Vevo
    White Punks Vevo

    when the mark of the beast happens, you wont be 'tricked' into taking it, The bibles says those who took the mark 'and 'worshiped' the beast. It will be a decision. Chances are the Bride wont be here anyway.

    • Absolute Boyfire
      Absolute Boyfire

      eighties, folks were going away

  • Lee Ann Cladin
    Lee Ann Cladin

    This person obviously has not done his research, and he does not appear to have Biblical discernment.

  • Melissa Motta de Almeida
    Melissa Motta de Almeida

    Did Bill Gates of Hell paid you to make this video?

  • Truth Gardener
    Truth Gardener

    This man keeps referring to Allah as if that’s the religious system that will be around during the Tribulation. No where does it identify what the system of religion will be nor what the god will be called that they’ll be called upon to worship during that time.

  • William McGrann
    William McGrann

    I really hate to tell this guy that there is in fact going to be an actual mark of the beast in which no one will able to buy or sell and if we refuse to worship the antichrist we will be beheaded for our faith in jesus!!! I don't think that the vaccine is the mark of the beast, I think that it's going to be the quantum tattoo that they are developing right now and will be implemented during the tribulation period which is coming very soon!!!!!

  • beatleme2
    beatleme2 guys is covering ..un subbed...never trust man but god

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