A Republic - If You Can Keep It - Part 1
A Republic - If You Can Keep It - Part 1
In this special message, Pastor Jack calls for America to come back to its biblical roots. We have been given the gift of a republic with numerous rights and freedoms… but it’s our responsibility to defend and preserve it.
Pastor Jack Hibbs
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All the signs of the last days are converging at the same time. Bible Prophecy is happening right before our eyes and like birth pains, the predicted events are happening more frequently and more intently. Never, in the history throughout the world have so many forces, including economic, scientific, techno-logic, ecologic, cultural, geopolitical, moral, spiritual and religion, converged together to bring this world that's already teetering over the edge into the abyss, to a point of no return. Jesus said when you see all these signs happening, know that I am near, even at the door.

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  • Absolute Boyfire
    Absolute Boyfire

    Name of Jesus

  • birdsongz7

    To Tell the Truth to Yourself and Others is to Praise Yeshua...To Lie is to Despise The Way of Life. YeshuaShalom, birdsongz

  • Summer Vernon
    Summer Vernon

    Thank you for talking about this.

  • Regina Hildebrand
    Regina Hildebrand

    Pastor Jack I cannot get enough of watching you love you so much you have such courage faith truth honesty integrity I sit in your not in body buy spirit wish I lived in ca not in Plainfield ill

  • cherrypi

    David,a man after God's own heart. " And David commanded his young men,and they slew them,and cut off their hands and their feet and hanged them up over the pool in Hebron."(2 Sam.4:12)."And he brought out the people that were in it,and cut them with saws,and with harrows of iron,and with axes.Even so dealt David with all the cities of the children of Ammon."(1 Chron.20:3) "The prophet Gad came to David and said to him," Shall seven years of famine in the land come to you? Or three months of your fleeing from the enemy while he is pursuing you? Or should there be three days of pestilence in your land?" Then David said to Gad, "I am greatly distressed.Please let us fall into the hand of Yahweh,because he is great in his compassion; but into the hand of man,don't let me fall." Then Yahweh sent a plague into Israel,and from the people from Dan to Beersheba,*seventy thousand men died."*(2 Sam.24:12-15). " Saul said to David, "Now I know you will become the new king.You will rule the kingdom of Israel. Now make a promise to me with an oath using the Lord's name,that you will not kill my descendants,even after I die.So David made the promise to Saul."(1 Sam.24:20-22) . vs " The Gibeonites said to king David,"Give us seven of Saul's sons.We will hang his sons in front of the Lord on Mt.Gibeah.David said, "Alright,I will give them to you."(2 Sam.21:4-6)David had left ten of his wives in Jerusalem.When he came back,he had them taken to another house and he placed soldiers there to guard them.He never slept with any of them again.They were kept in confinement until the day of their death,living like widows while their husband was still alive.(2 Sam.20:3)

  • Meri Pederson
    Meri Pederson

    Look at the eyes. The eyes will tell you if there is a smile

  • placebo

    There were actually just a hand full of the Founding Fathers that took part in the Constitution that were Christians.Most of them were deists.Which is a far cry from Christianity.This includes some heavy-hitters like Jefferson,Madison,and Benjamin Franklin.Washington was a Mason,who believed that all gods came from the same source.The main and central Church of England had Christian members,also-but one of the main reasons our forefathers came to this continent was to get away from that theocracy to where they could be free to believe whatever they wanted to believe without being punished or accused of heresy.You guys would like it if the U.S.would have a government ruled by a Christian theocracy again-the kind the Founding Fathers fleed from.

  • Joseph Riggs
    Joseph Riggs

    Who cares if we preserve this Republic-the U.S.-or the Constitution-if we are going to be Raptured any second now and what's "left behind' will be going to Hell in a handbasket? Isn't that like putting a new coat of paint on a sinking ship? Or,rearranging the deck furniture on the Titanic? This is double-speak.This is double-think.You guys need to make up your minds!

    • Joseph Riggs
      Joseph Riggs

      @Alexandra Fuller I see you know Christianeez.Carry on.Nothing to see here.

    • Alexandra Fuller
      Alexandra Fuller

      Occupy and redeem the time my friend.

  • Odelia Tan
    Odelia Tan

    Pastor Jack Hibbs, we missed you! May the Lord bless & keep you & May he make his face shine on you & be gracious to you & May he lift his countenance upon you & give you peace! Amen & Amen!

  • Absolute Boyfire
    Absolute Boyfire

    all are prophecied away. silver and gold

  • Babs Franklin
    Babs Franklin

    Republic of Kanata@gmail.com(formerly Canada)--Kevin Annett Link to video in this reply section

    • Babs Franklin
      Babs Franklin

      algone.info/slow/video/fKDS2W-InKSZsYU Kevin Annett

  • Starbum65

    I love this pastor. I love your radio show also.❤🙏😊

  • WingedInfinity

    💥 DON'T BE DECEIVED PEOPLE ! SUPREME COURT DOES 💥NOT💥 MAKE LAWS !!!! CONGRESS MAKES LAWS !!! THESE LIARS ARE TRYING TO TRICK YOU !!! THEY ARE FEAR MONGERING BECAUSE AMY BARETT IS CONSERVATIVE !! 😠 💥 LET 🇺🇸KRIS ANNE HALL🇺🇸 TEACH YOU HOW THE CONSTITUTION WORKS & WHAT YOU 💥NEED TO KNOW💥 AS TO NOT BE 💥DECEIVED💥 WHEN WATCHING FAKE NEWS WHO CONDITIONS YOU TO BE 💥IGNORANT💥 SO YOU WILL BE 💥HELPLESS💥 AND 💥DEPENDENT💥 ON THEM & THE CROOKS WORKING BEHIND THE SCENES 💥. ~ 💥 KrisAnneHall 💥 ~ 🇺🇸 " LIBERTY OVER SECURITY, PRINCIPLE OVER PARTY, & TRUTH OVER PERSONALITY. " 💥💥 Amy Barrett Confirmation Hearings & Interview with Philip algone.info/slow/video/sK3OvX6gqqt20Gg 💥💥 Barrett & The Left's Fake Reality algone.info/slow/video/b267v4ebaXR5tqc 💥💥KrisAnne & JC Hall at California State Capital, Sacramento, CA - 5/25/20 💥💥 🇺🇸⚖️🇺🇸💥B💥O💥O💥M💥🇺🇸⚖️🇺🇸 algone.info/slow/video/gHrEx6KugGeR23U 💥 Episode 1134 Supreme Court & National Popular Vote 7/6/20 (KrisAnne Hall JD) algone.info/slow/video/bYS60p2He2p7kp8 💥 KrisAnne Hall - Electoral College (podcast - The KrisAnne Hall Show) - from 11/2016 algone.info/slow/video/ha2QtI5oqaWdjpc 💥 KrisAnne Hall - Interviews ... algone.info/plane/PLzY5K5p5a1GsN3tdgac1YbaIk6Os7UZps.html 💥 KrisAnne Hall - Fox News - 9/7/18 algone.info/slow/video/o4a3xrCHs5mkwGQ 💥 KrisAnne Hall - Interview on CSPAN - TWO HOURS CHOCK FULL OF TRUTH THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW !!! ... ' I Teach The Constitution the Way It Was Intended To Be Applied. ' (8/6/17) algone.info/slow/video/i3-Y1Hhsm4qFlac MEET KRISANNE HALL ... 🇺🇸 KrisAnne Hall was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and began her career as a biochemist, Russian linguist, for the U.S. Army, and a prosecutor for the State of Florida. KrisAnne also practiced First Amendment Law for a prominent national non-profit Law firm. KrisAnne received her undergraduate degree in Bio-Chemistry from Blackburn College and her J.D. from the University of Florida, Levin College of Law. 🇺🇸 KrisAnne is now the president of Liberty First University and travels the country teaching the foundational principles of Liberty and our Constitutional Republic. KrisAnne is the author of 6 books on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, she also has a nationally syndicated radio show and a cable television show. KrisAnne has been featured on C-SPAN TV and C-SPAN Book TV. KrisAnne will connect the dots for you like no one else can! 🇺🇸 Host of The KrisAnne Hall Show, she pulls no punches, puts Liberty First and gives no quarter to those who hide behind party labels. Like no other host, KrisAnne will tell you what the founders had to say on today’s relevant issues . 🇺🇸 KrisAnne is a disabled Army veteran, a mother, a pastor’s wife, and a patriot. KrisAnne lives in North Florida with her husband JC, an evangelist, missionary to Haiti, and former Russian instructor for the US Navy, and their adopted son Colton. 💥 Here she is in her own words .... krisannehall.com/index.php/about-krisanne-hall

  • jerusalmit

    You are getting to political and too California/America centered. You are supposed to be about your father's business.

    • james lucas
      james lucas

      He ministers to Ca churches, and politics either frees a man or imprisons a man

  • residue junkie
    residue junkie

    *The problem is that the masses have been chemically and psychologically lobotomized past the point of no return. Rothschild shows us what he's turned people into in the TV show called Teletubbies. They are a product of television programming and can no longer think critically. If they could, they would realize that there hasn't been any such thing as republicans and democrats, elections, countries, presidents, prime ministers or boogie man dictators for many decades, only actors, the world is their stage and Rothschild is the director writer and producer.* *But now **_his_** boss is in control of the world, and even though his identity hasn't been revealed to anyone except the top luciferian elite, he has orchestrated this world lockdown and is causing people's foreheads to be electronically scanned for body temperature to acclimate the public to being scanned for his DNA altering mark called a quantum dot invisible tattoo which puppet Trump says he's sending the military to make us take!!!* *He has also been given power by God to do his "lying signs and wonders" and to "change times and laws". Using this power he has made thousands of changes in every bible on earth, but less than 1% can see the changes, so far.* *I have **_lots_** of proof for these statements in my playlists for all true followers of Christ to see. God bless you all!!!*

    • residue junkie
      residue junkie

      @deprogrammer shepherd *Thanks, I forgot to put a link to my playlist....* algone.info/plane/PL6jqQQLDUKSzqfchW2-t42mEyjHWuzBnd.html

    • deprogrammer shepherd
      deprogrammer shepherd

      This is a list of some of the bible verses that have been changed showing residue of what was originally written in the King James translation. amos8.org/index.php/the-bible-changes/

  • Lawrence Foster
    Lawrence Foster

    Did giants have dwarf's or midget's?

    • Absolute Boyfire
      Absolute Boyfire


  • Lawrence Foster
    Lawrence Foster

    It's over.

    • Absolute Boyfire
      Absolute Boyfire

      seemingly, revelation verses are still being landed

  • Lawrence Foster
    Lawrence Foster

    We are not of the darkness and we have been told that a day has been set AND that day is about to happen. THE HARLOT is only in the book of revelation. Watch Brenda Weltner.

  • Leslie Booth
    Leslie Booth

    I pray that we’re not there too! Pray, repent, share the Good News, keep your joy, and vote for Godly values in this country.

  • Paula Snoga
    Paula Snoga

    REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • William Durham
    William Durham

    Same with Texas.

  • bobi7 tanevski
    bobi7 tanevski

    Trump + Pence = Last Trumpets !

    • Bry Guy
      Bry Guy

      Ivana+tinkle= Be back in 5 mins.

    • William Durham
      William Durham

      UN + Fortunate = Unfortunate

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